Tricks to Get Photos on the Beach without Edits

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Tricks to Get Photos on the Beach without Edits


Taking pictures on the beach is easy. Easy because basically the views that are presented are good, so there's no need to bother finding the angle so that the photo looks beautiful.


However, sometimes it's difficult because the color of the sky greatly affects the results of the photo, so it needs alignment or editing with a pretty hard effort. Well, here are some photo tips to take pictures of the beach so that it looks beautiful without editing.


Do not take photos when top light or excessive light.

Excessive light will make the sky look white and the sea looks pale. The resulting photos will look less attractive. The best time to photograph the beach is before 9am, when the sky is still blue.

Don't wear white clothes if you want to take photos at sunrise.

During sunrise or sunset, we definitely want to take silhouette photos. Therefore, try not to wear white or bright colors for optimal results.

Use a tripod to avoid rocking.

Photographing outdoors, especially on the beach with strong winds, making the results prone to rocking so the results are risky blur.
If the photo you get is blurry it feels like you have to edit it with a pretty hard effort. To work around this, use a tripod or monopod. This tool makes the camera movement quite stable.

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Blank angle means taking the landscape widely. Let the sea be an attractive frame. Don't take objects too close because they make the sea invisible. Because, what is more important than travel photos is the landscape.

Only this is what I can share, hopefully it can be of benefit to us all.





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