secret behind Photo selfie

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The secret behind Photo selfie


Selfie arguably as the trend photography largest happened today. Fever self-portrait increasingly spread to the variety of expression in social media to prove that many people increasingly admire himself. One of the pose a mainstay during selfie is facial expressions duck or better known as the duck face. Way pose duck face it is easy, you enough memanyunkan lips are sensual and squinting.


Selfie To Know Yourself.

Then, why do most of us, especially social media users like to photograph themselves and share them with others? This question was answered by a neuroscientist from University College London, James Kilner.

According to the health dictionary, neuroscience itself is the study of the nervous system, including vision, hearing, smell, and other movement and behavioral controls.

one of the factors that makes a person like selfies is his curiosity about the shape of his own face with different expressions. In everyday social interactions, we see and interpret the faces and facial expressions of others a lot. However, we rarely see our own faces.

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"Selfie is an effort to show the people how great we are, but it can aim to be noticed," Prabhu said, as quoted from India Times.

Not only Prabhu, Psychological Clinical and Social Media Expert, Ankita Gaba also said the same thing, "Selfies are not only because someone's confidence is high but also because they need attention,"

Only this is what I can share, hopefully it can be of benefit to us all.





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