The Road Less Travelled- Tj4real's Story

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School is a future promise which is never guaranteed but what you do now is your reality and it defines who you are.


As a kid when all my colleagues were busy solving homework and other assignments, I was rather often busy looking for ways to understand how the world worked. This is not to say I had no interest in my education but the fact was that I believed that for anyone to make an impact they needed to do something different from what everyone else does.

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A picture of me during the Senior High School Days

I learnt this at that younger age by observing people in my locality. I observed both the successful, very successful and the poor. Some may choose to say that success should not be measured by how much material wealth one has but success can’t surely be measured by poverty. Success is about how much difference you make but that is hardly done without money.
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One thing I realized was that the poor would do anything for the rich even if they received no pay but would not do similar things for another poor man. This thought me that everyone want to associate with success and affluence.
I knew that in order to make a difference I needed to have a voice and which voice is louder than to be rich? I saw that being rich provides one with more options in life.

How did this shape my growth?

This ideals to be different in ways that would make me successful turned me into an inquisitive rat. I wanted to see how things worked, I guess this is how I got into science as well.
But the most astounding factor was my love for computers. This love did not come from anywhere except for the fact that it served as food for my hunger for more knowledge.
Then came the internet, yahoo, then google, then social media which all brought in a difference in the way I did things.

Fast forward to recent times I found Steemit on my own because of this very nature of wanting to know it all. When the crypto outcry got so loud, I decided that I was not going to wait till it was too late. I was not going to give in to this habit of procrastinating among the youth of Ghana which is as a result of a notion that when you are in school you don’t work.

I thought differently because I saw what kids were doing elsewhere. I could see even 5 year olds and less on YouTube who were already doing great things for their communities and what excuse was I to give in order to shy away in the name of school?

I quit making excuses and decided to get right into cryptos. Well, before that I had tried a lot of other things and learnt a great deal of hard lessons.
It was one day after I started investing the small money I had into cryptos that I came across STEEM on YouTube. I wouldn’t say it was by chance because I was consciously searching for profitable cryptos to invest in. Through STEEM I found Steemit.
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I think I have narrated this a dozen times in different occasions for different reasons. One fact is that I don’t want any of the people around me to end up poor which is why I try to use my personal story to motivate others.
I am writing this because there is so much unemployment in this country and many other developing countries and students still give all their time to books when they could be doing something to earn whilst in school.
That was me narrating my story at the maiden Ghana Steemit Meetup event.

Like I said earlier, school is only but a promise and the best thing you can get from school is to learn how to learn. Once you know this, you do not have to wait till you graduate.
Try stuff, fail and keep trying. Be proactive and optimize the power of the internet. Most importantly read trends and don’t be left out of a global transformation. Try to be current and consistent with self-development. Read other stuff aside the chemistry and biology books and be ready to play a part in community development whiles in school.

Research and observation have shown that proactive students are often much more successful after school than their colleagues. This is because they keep trying and trying and never too scared to fail. When you eliminate fear in your life success is bound to happen.


This is particularly dedicated to newbies brought in by my recent promo works both on the ground and on Facebook. Together these promotion brought in not less than 100 young people.
Pictures from a recent promo-campaign on UDS campus. This was particularly for Steemit and crypto awareness

Snapshot of my recent promo on Facebook

Even though I would have loved to personally help all these people get grinding on the platform I simply have no enough energy or wealth to do that. This is why I want to use this opportunity to encourage you (if you are one of them) to keep working hard knowing that others have made it here through hard work. Spare your time to blog, read articles, comment, get involved and you shall be rewarded. Use this opportunity to make money for you awaiting career. Don't wait to complete school before you do anything, life never waits!
Thanks for your attention and keep steeming.

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I'm just glad people are starting to realise this. Time and opportunities will never wait for anyone. Today is what we have so let's utilise it very well. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. The issue of unemployment is here to stay unless we as individuals do something about it. Governments can't give us the joy and freedom we desire unless we do that ourselves. I know you'll go very far and I'll be there to support you every step of the way bro.
You are truly an inspiration.

That's one thing people now don't seem to realise, that life and our future and our success is not limited to school work and activities but then how much we are exposed to the world outside school and how much we are in touch with global transformations.

You have hit the nail right on the head @tj4real. I will just add few to what you have already clarified. Our success on this universe depends on how we adapt ourselves to the basic phenomenon about how things work in life, but not the phd and masters certificates from the universities. Embracing and responding well to the updated certified avenues of opportunities is the best sound decision making that
any one who want to embark on a success journey in life need to understand.
I appreciate your enlightenment. @tj4real.

All students worldwide must read this....we should use this platform to maximize our opportunities .....thanks very much for the advice...

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upvote and resteemit done dear...
keep it on..

You're not only smart, but wise beyond your years. Resteemed

It's really cool and inspiring what you are doing! Keep it up - especially the part where you 'go the other way' and where you're sharing your story to other people. They will thank you later!