Story time- Blessed to be loved

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I'm the luckiest woman alive to have a husband who loves and cares for me as much as he does...

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Love is such a blessing. It gives the darkest days light and when everything seems to be falling apart, it centers you. It comforts you. It gives you a reason to carry on.

When you love someone deeply, supporting and doing things for that person becomes a blessing aswell.

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This is what my husband told me today...

I woke up, frightened by the thunder and lightning and in incredible pain.

I was fighting with myself about if I should wake him up or not, ultimately the pain won over and I woke him up. He doesn't like being woken up on weekends until atleast well after 10 but he woke up, no complaints. He asked me what he could do to help then immediately he got out of bed and made sure that I had my meds and food to take them with. In the cold (he hates the cold) he went looking for our hotwater bottle and waited for the kettle to boil so he could give it to me.

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Again no complaints escaped his mouth. Only after he gave me everything I needed did he get back in bed with me and put his arms around me. Then the biggest smile crossed his face as he looked at me.

I asked him why he was smiling like that, knowing that I ruined his morning... He told me that he loved doing things for me. He loved seeing my smile as he put his arms around me and it made him happy.

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I was so touched by this act of love, self-sacrifice and kindness that I had to share this story.

Love is such a beautiful thing and I'm just so blessed to have someone who truly loves me. My best friend and my husband. I love him so much.


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What a beautiful post and a beautiful tribute to your husband. Iam sure he just thinks the World of you as well 😊

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Thank you very much

Amazing story..your lucky to have such a loving and caring husband :)


I fully agree. Thank you


Your welcome :)

Mr cookie has always been an interesting character but always a genuine man as far as i could tell... i do hope you 2 are still doing well