111 222 333 444 555 !!Why my friend is seeing these Number Patterns repeatedly?

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So my friends clearly know that I'm a sucker for anything related to aliens, ghosts and conspiracies. Hence, whenever there is a discussion about these topics, they make sure they involve me and also inbox me frequently if they have any questions. Yesterday, one of my friends messaged me regarding a weird request that he is from a few days continuously seeing number patterns like 333 555 777 999 888 like that. Either it would be alarm or time or in any advertisement or his whats app inbox time both received/sent. He was very concerned about this and really wanted to know what's the meaning behind all these.

so if you are one of those who are seeing these patterns repeatedly, do not be afraid because this means well. I do not have complete knowledge about this or neither and expert on these but I know that much that these patterns are a good sign.

111 suggests a wake up call to you about your path that you chose to travel the rest of your life. It says that you do not have to be afraid of anything and keep doing the work that you have initiated and it will take you to new heights..

222 suggests about your relationships with people around you. You have a greater chance of finding your soul mate or your best friend for life if you keep seeing 222. It means, you are going to have a strongest bond with people or a person. Hence, you should really look around and keep an eye on people around you when you start to see this pattern.

333 this pattern is important because it focuses on your body, mind and soul. It means that you are really co-ordinating these three in ur work and these are in the zone. You are at your peak of focus so really look around to see what you are doing.

444 suggests about your home calling. It majorly concentrates about women in your life. Some important women may have entered your life like your wife or soul mate or soul sister. Family bonding is the major focus here.

555 speaks about change. Not exactly about physical change but it's more about the emotional change. You may have already or must initiate your mind to focus more towards spirituality, knowledge and wisdom. Keep an open eye dudes.

well, these are few that i know for sure and there are more explanations for 666 and 777 but they all mean well for you. If you see these patterns, you should remember that good things would happen to you and you need to really focus on those new things and peple in your life.

So friends, has anyone have seen these patterns ever in their life? thanks for visiting.

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Hey my beautiful friend!!
I keep seeing the numbers in front of me.
What should I do? ;-D

really @paradise-found? well if you keep seeing these, you cannot do much about it but it is a good sign that good things would happen to you.

The numbers I see are different. The numbers are on flags. The flags are in a round hole.
Each hole is also numbered. There are 18 holes on each course.
I see golfing holes silly!!!

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