The Screen is a Pathway to the Heart

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Bob Dylan once said that Times are a changin’. And he’s right, we live in exciting times. There are more engineers and scientists alive today than there have been in all of the rest of human history combined.

And a big technological revolution may very well be upon us.

Silicon Valley is getting more mainstream by the day and even the word Geek is a cool thing again.

And out of all the exciting breakthroughs that are changing the world today, mention apart deserves the Blockchain, The Internet of things.

Blockchain technology is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s also one of the fastest growing tech-trends of our generation. In fact, it’s now bigger than Paypal, Expedia, and Twitter…


But here’s a little problem, the spectacular growth of the industry is still unmatched with the sorts of media productions that are designed to bring the Blockchain to the wider public.

In other words, we still haven’t hit the tipping point yet, that magic moment when a trend crosses a threshold, tips and spread like wildfire. To quote Gladwell.

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You see, in order for ideas to spread and hit mass-adoption, it’s necessary to have communicators who can bridge that gap between the technology’s new and unprecedented concepts and the wider public.

And that’s what we aim to achieve with the @hardfork-series, to create a captivating world where we can convey these ideas in a compelling manner that resonates with the masses.

To create a culture around Blockchain.

Imagine what could be achieved if the revolutionary concepts and constant breakthroughs of Blockchain technologies were introduced to the public via a state-of-the art production with Hollywood actors, professional and visionary directing, amazing special effects... And above all, with a powerful storyline that captivates the audience.

When Gutenberg invented the printing press a few centuries ago, he set up the catalyst to one of the biggest and most important paradigm shifts the world has ever seen.

A catalyst that was induced by first dozens then thousands of artists, and soon millions of writers and storytellers who used the best tool they had to spread ideas that would ultimately change the world.

It is worth noticing however that such thing took place in one of the darkest eras of human existence, an era where everybody lived under rough conditions and where the comforts of life were far from abundant. And more importantly, very few people had spare time for leisure and entertainment.

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Imagine the potential nowadays, where entertainment has effectively become an integral part of our daily life!

Especially if it’s the kind of entertainment that people not only relate to, but actively seek. Like television series or feature films.

And that is our goal in creating this series.

To bridge state of the art filmmaking and storytelling techniques with the underrepresented and truly fascinating landscape of blockchain in the narrative space, HardFork will evoke a detailed future forward sci-fi world in which the blockchain plays an integral part (especially a certain blockchain that starts with S and ends with M)

This story that will hopefully propel our characters through a “Golden Age of Television” style series will also subtly educate the audience on blockchain in a highly entertaining fashion and it will be displayed in all the right channels where the real attention lies these days.

And we invite you to tag along in our exciting journey, because together we can create that tipping point that makes these revolutionary ideas spread like wildfire.

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Fantastic post @the-alien!! The revolution will blockchain based, CFS be damned! And S & M will play an integral part. Ha!


Hey Doug, I watched 10 for grandpa a few years ago, great work, I really enjoyed it. Great tempo, transitions and story. I didn't know you made a feature will look forward to checking it out.


Thanks @paperbull!! Your kind words about the film are much appreciated! And if you have a chance to check out Art Machine, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Haha S & M could give people the wrong idea here ;)


haha... well the overwatch will use any method available to bamboozle the populace, so who knows (-:


Haha who knows, right?


"Blockchain technology is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s also one of the fastest growing tech-trends of our generation. In fact, it’s now bigger than Paypal, Expedia, and Twitter"
So much this!


You are right


Haha it's growing :)

I think you are right that we could use more bridges between the public and blockchain. But for now we need to ensure that the blockchains can handle the transaction volume that would incur.


That's also an important issue.

Very nice post :D


Thanks Jonathan!

Great thoughts!

Dude, i LOVE video entertainment, but i don't own a TV. There's a part of me that wonders how all of these extremely well done productions will affect the human mind in the future. When TV first came out, someone must of thought we would be brain dead zombies by 2000. Well, we aren't exactly there yet, so is it still going to be that way? Or have we reached the steady state for indulging onto digital entertainment? Everybody in the US partakes in digital entertainment so I think we are already there. I just don't know how much deeper we can go and if its good for us, mentally.

Will people even go out and make their own stories anymore??? Perhaps I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to real life vs digital life (even though i really enjoy both....a lot!!

Good article man!


Haha exactly! That's why I picked that picture to close. The revolution will be televized but not on TV :)


I found you because I am investing a lot here in the form of technical knowledge, time, creativity and tech hardware as I am now a witness for Steem and I noticed that you are voting for @tdv.witness and @dantheman - but that their witness servers are offline and of no use to Steem (for quite a long time as far as I can tell).

I would really appreciate if you would support me with a vote to give me a chance to show what I can do for Steem and Steemit. I have a long background in software engineering and also in running social networks.

My witness application post is here.

Cheers! (p.s. you might injoy my series on ET/UFO Disclosure too) ;)

Your project sounds amazing, I'm a filmmaker and screenwriter and would love to be a part it. I know it's weird that a random internet person with a taurine avatar would ask you this but could I send you one of my scripts? I would like to collaborate on Hardfork somehow. Here's my latest short film, it's a sci-fi comedy in competition at the 17th Brest International Film festival:

pw is: ukazme


Oh I would love to see it, what's the URL? I can't seem to copy it :P


Hey, sure thing, Steemit embeds the url immediately, here it is: vimeo. com/178958767 (had to put a space on the .com to make it work). Hyperlink for your convenience :) The password is: ukazme

Nice post.. You are right.. post of the day


Thank you very much!

@the-alien Looking forward to your series.

Being a part of the emergence of blockchain culture and the economy it inevitably creates is definitely exciting. Cryptocurrencies are finally going mainstream, but I don't believe they will hit the "tipping point" you referenced until major banks (not to mention Federal Reserve Banks) finally accept and utilize them. When that happens, those of us that were early to the game will upend the normal monetary hierarchy.

What do you think will become of the various cryptos in the future? Does it make sense to have so many? I personally think there will only be one or two that survive.



Oh the reason I mentioned that is because I think the tipping point will come despite the central bankers and ruling entities not by them allowing change.

Just like what happend with the printing press where even they were executing and torturing people, the same with the demise of state-church power, always these things hit critical mass despite the rulers who of course want to preserve their power. I don't think this time it will be different.

But who knows right?

About multiple currencies or not? Multiple for sure, the more the merrier. Each person should be able to create their own currencies, and the best wins. Decentralization is the goal.

Just like before we had 6 media channels that controls everything, the new media didn't collapse because everyone can create their own youtube channel but rather the opposite, it boomed because of that, and the best channels win :)


I see where you’re going with this. The more the merrier in terms of cryptos. In the end we’ll have to hope that the big and centralized banks DON’T get involved and muck up the scene.

Excelente post, amigo hoy en día todo gira al rededor de la tecnología, y es bueno aprovecharla en beneficio de la comunidad en general.


Sin dude ninguna!

Absolutely fantastic!?


Thank you!!

Very interesting post.i very interesting.I liked very much congratulations and upvote of course


Thanks Marek!

You are absolutely right


Thanks man!

Great post and an interesting concept. I hope to see this in full as time goes by as I love the movies and am interested in screenwriting. It is amazing this digital revolution. I used to work in document management and by the time I left quite recently, it had become so huge that big data was considered miniscule. I then became more interested in data per se, and now try to work to get Ethics in data (in the UK), to get some rules into it, working with data miners to get people who work in data to be ethical about it. Unfortunately, unless people have a moral core to begin with, they won't worry about this little problem. So half the world will whizz forward and the other half will get left behind. Can this change with digital? It looks like it, I hope so. Well done you.


I hope so as well. I guess we'll all probably get to see new things unfold.

Thank you for the awesome comment :)


Glad you found my comment awesome, as I found your last two posts! Keep it coming as I learn every time. Happy Steeming!

I am steemit new-bie. Yout post is very intersting


I'm glad you liked it :)

Great read 😊


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it .

The revolution will not be televised on television


haha very likely :)

Awesome post, very compelling and great analogies... it's exciting to think about the important historical times we are living through. Upvoted / Resteemed (-:


Thanks a lot @clumsysilverdad! It is exciting for sure! :)

the world is changing everyday.. so glad to be part of this community.


Me too! :)


Haha love it! thanks!

Good post



Fantastic Post. Thanks!


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

Good post. Mass adoption will take some time but the press seems to be getting better these days. With bitcoin performing well as an asset, it is also drawing more who might not otherwise be interested.


You're right, the fact that cryptocurrencies are performing well will help accelerate adoption, that's for sure :)

Sounds great man! :)


Thank you!!

wow nice story


Thanks ! :)

That's really awesomely written :) quite cool :)


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The world is changing at the speed of light, the ones who are going to cop up with the change are gonna survive. @the-alien


That's so true, adapting is the best thing one can do in a fast changing world!

you have the wittiest style of writing i like it :)


Thank you, I'm glad you do :)

Let’s see some dramaaaaaaaaaa woo!


That would be very cool infact if happens :D


It sure would :)

Excelente post, amigo hoy en día todo gira al rededor de la tecnología, y es bueno aprovecharla en beneficio de la comunidad en general.


Sin duda! Mejor aprovechar la tecnologia que vivir resitiendola :)

the revolution is about to begin


One can only hope :)

Congratulations @the-alien!
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really fantastic way of writing that was great


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

I wonder when we will start to talk about "Android/Humanoid Rights" - Should be very soon.

Amazing post really like it thank you so much for sharing

Amazing post dude :)

A really wonderful post, my friend! I'm so excited at the potential of this amazing project we're building together! And to second what Doug said, CFS be damned! Lol.

I dabble in screenwriting.

How can I help to make the blockchain a thing with the masses?

I love this idea. No one better to oversee a rise to championship levels like AN ACTUAL CHAMPION.

Post of the day.Welcome bro


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Excellent insight @the-alien am truly happy to follow up on this amazing tech and innovations where great thinkers create a world where people like me can earn by being social... Thanks for sharing this...

Superb post.....thanx for sharing....
If u seen my posts and like it plsssss follow and vote me......have a good time...!!!!!

I think this post, along with Eric's are the best I've read in terms of explaining exactly what the goal is for this truly exciting project :)

Everyone I've had the pleasure of getting to know here who is involved in The Hardfork Series has the right combination of talent and enthusiasm to make it a great success, and I for one cannot wait to see the final product...heck I'm excited just to see the trailer!

I am so thrilled for you my friend, definitely resteeming this one :)

I think Viceland did something like this already they have a few shows that had episodes on bitcoin. Also Netflix has a thing about bitcoin. But I think a big hollywood movie would be great.

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