HardFork Series, When the Stars Align

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August 9th, my Birthday. On this day last year I discovered something I never thought was possible. I caught myself suddenly invaded by a genuine sense of happiness that was brought by the most unexpected thing: Facebook notifications.

No, not those kinds of notifications.

Notifications about friends of mine (both personal friends and crypto-friends) posting in steemit FB groups. A few months before that I was still trying to convince all my friends to join, trying to explain to them what steemit was.

But then a few months later as I realized how many of them joined, the happiness as you can imagine was undoubtable.

Along the road, I made new friends. Steemit is unlike anything I’ve seen before, maybe unlike anything you’ve seen before. There’s that special sense of community that you won't find anywhere else, and we all found each other.

@neilstrauss once said: "I can find better articles elsewhere, but I can't find a better community elsewhere."

Personally, I met lot of incredible people and I made a lot of great friendships here, and we were lucky to be able build some pretty cool things together.

The truth is, I cannot be happy enough that I have met them as I look back at this on this day.

A Gateway to New Worlds

Here’s the interesting part, for many of my new friends steem was the very first cryptocurrency that they ever used. Steemit was their gateway to the blockchain universe.

Awesome, smart and talented people from around the world, and from all walks of life have found their way to steemit.

Because steemit has something that no other cryptocurrency has, the power of social interaction combined with the un-matchable ability to not only allow all kinds of topics and interests, but even having them revolve around steem sometimes.

On the other hand most cryptocurrencies revolve around one only main idea, maybe two. For example providing a real alternative to the banking system, or providing some efficient security and privacy solutions to bypass that creepy little thing we call Big Brother.

While these things are revolutionary and admirable on their own, there’s however one small thing that we often forget:

In love as in life, they say that you need only one quality to attract people, but you need at least two to keep them.

Steem is not just another crypto-currency that solves real life problems, it’s the only one that can attract all kinds of people: Artists, actors, writers, musicians…

And that’s one of the ways why it stands out from all other cryptos, because it’s not directed only to a type of audience formed by people interested in blockchain and freedom like you and me.

But also it has the capacity to introduce its revolutionary technology to a larger world.

That’s why we have more girl-to-guy ratio than any new cryptocurrency, that’s why we have amazing friends here from all ages, and all walks of life, and that’s why by those parameters we have more chances of mass adoption than any other crypto-currency.

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Here’s another aspect that most cryptocurrencies lack: A proper production team with captivating storytelling and a message that above all resonates and is inclusive to the masses.

That might just be the missing element that accelerates mass-adoption for all these life-changing technologies.

In fact, it’s really surprising that even with the market cap that cryptos have gone up to, we’re still yet to see any significant media presence tailored to the larger public.

A Larger World

Movie- Made America was one of the most impactful books I read when I was young. It’s a book about how movies have the power to transform cultures from the bottom up.

In the golden age of independent media, imagine what a television series can do in creating a culture around a decentralized world.

That’s why I couldn’t be happier when the amazing @dougkarr contacted me some time ago about the trailblazing series HardFork @hardfork-series.

When the Stars Align

Doug himself is a fantastic writer and an award-winning director, and we’re lucky enough to have on board the amazing Joe Victorine @jowvic, whose brilliant career speaks for itself.

Before the camera we’re very lucky to have the very talented, very Christopher Baker @bakerchristopher who you may recognize from spectacular series like Ozark or True Detective.

And best of all, he’s going to be part of our amazing writing team which also includes @ericvancewalton needs no introduction of course, he’s an amazing author with an immense talent, and big heart.

@nickytothenines, who I must confess I haven’t spoken to a lot before, but I was surprised by his clever ideas and brilliant mind, what a guy!

And last but not least, @andrarchy. For the year or so that I’ve known him through this beautiful platform, I can say with total certainty that I have no doubt on Andrew’s capacity, as well as his ability for coming up with some avant-garde ideas and executing them.

And this is just the beginning.

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We’re going to form a bigger team, have a bigger cast, and then we’re gonna reach a larger audience with your help.

This is not gonna be a simple narrative where we tell the audience about the benefits of decentralization, and show them the incompetence of centralization…

What we aim to do is to create an engaging mind-bending story where people form their own opinions all while being entertained.

We’re gonna take you on a spectacular journey with us. We’re gonna make you laugh, we’re gonna make you stand on your toes in anticipation, and we’re gonna aim to create something that’s hopefully going to bring a lot of attention to this crazy beautiful thing called steem.

Because in the end, Nothing prevails in time than a thought provoking piece of art.

And that’s what we aim to bring to light.

So stay tuned for more updates!

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Happy bithday my friend :D


Thank you!

Happy birthday @the-alien and best wishes. I saw the “HardFork” postand i think its an amazing idea.I would love to contribute as a visual artist:) Upvoted and of course i will follow you to keep updated.

cbg19 spacenet.jpg


Thank you!

Send me a message in the chat and we talk further ok?

Have a great day!


i will send you now, sorry for the late responce..

Happy birthday to you, Adil! You are an absolute pleasure to work with and have a brilliant mind. I can't wait to see where this all goes and am honored to be a part of this team! I hope you have a fun evening planned for your special occasion!


I give this reply 5/5 beagle howls.


That's a lot of howls! : )


Thank you Eric! The pleasure is all mine as you know :)

Happy Birthday @the-alien!! And thank you so much for this wonderful post, your very kind words, and your amazing work so far in bringing the @HardFork-Series into being. You truly are out of this world!


So many good people here in the Community -- this is why I have worked so hard to build community and engagement so more good people can be found and made to feel like...



Haha you're way too kind Doug, this is my absolute pleasure to be working on this together and I'm sure we'll create something great while having an amazing time.

Thanks man!


You most certainly did @barrydutton. Cheers man.

Great article man!
We should definately take time to get to know eachother better.
Doug has told me great things and i look forward to working together!


Yeah for sure man!

Let's make that happen sometime this week if you have time :)

I wish I were your Facebook friend in August, 2016. I regret not being here prior to June, 2017. But I am still happy that I am here and I plan to remain here for a long time.

Happy Birthday to you @the-alien. Have


Oh this is still the beginning :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Adil!

It's been nice to share this awesome Steem experience with you in the last year!

You're bringing good point with this post. I look forward to read read what you posted today.

Take care my friend!


Thank you Guillaume!!

You're right, this steem experience has been amazing this last year. We should meet up someday to be physical friends not just steemit friends. Hopefully steemfest.

Take care man!

happy birthday my man!


Thank you!

We are better off with you here @the-alien.

Thanks for all you have done.


Thank you as well! You're always present and you always add. That's fantastic!


I muddle along doing my best.


a good story, and shows some real writing chops.
Good work.


Thank you Blazing :)

Mind-bending is just my cupper!


inspiring... yes there are a lot of talented people from different walks of life, that diversity is very important


It certainly is!

Happy birthday @the-alien! I hope you celebrated it well and continue to celebrate!!! Great post


Thank you! I hope you had a great day as well!

Happy Birthday @the-alien!

HBD then ^^


Haha HBD as in SBD? I think we'll just focus on steem and the artistic part of this, team steemians :)


Oh I missed that! Damned... I am getting too old :D

Yep indeed, HBD like in SBD (can we way HSBD or SHBD?).


Haha as long as it isn't HSBC :P


A bank as a birthday present? ;)

Just discovered Steemit myself ! Am so happy to share and meet some beautiful people. I think I caught the Steemit Fever.


Haha it's the best kind of fever :)

Very cool :)) I'm trying to bring people here as well :)


that's great @foxkit! :)


Thank you!!

Nice post i am really like that, greetings from Hungary :)


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

Great article!
And happy birthday @the-alien and best wishes


Thank you, I appreciate it!

Indeed Steemit is something special and i have felt that myself. I've found so many smart and cool people in here that taught me a lot. Happy birthday btw.


Thanks for the BD wishes! Yeah there's definitely something special about steemit, and we're lucky to have so many awesome people here :)

Warmest birthday wishes and yes this is quite a special community!


It's a special community indeed! thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Wow! Exillent post. Keep it up...


Thanks Shayer!

I'd read a couple posts about this hard fork series. I support every new idea and all steemians too. But if I want to explain this project to my friends who are not on steemit I simply can't. I'm sure a lot of people like me don't understand what you are talking about. Excuse me if I'm too stupid to understand your fancy language but I would appreciate if it's possible to explain to me and other leymans what is all about.


Look at Eric's intro post here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@hardfork-series/announcing-the-world-s-first-crypto-focused-mini-series-powered-by-steemit

You can also check my last post for a taste of fiction set in the HardFork world, as spontaneously imagined by myself.


Oh no worries. It's a crypto-noir thriller in a futuristic society when the centralized faction clash with the decentralized faction.

I really hope this series ends up bringing more people into the blockchain space. This stuff is revolutionary and people need to learn about it, and what better way!


Yeah we hope that as well! That's what we aim for :)

steemit is here to wipe off all our tears. happy birthday dear.


Haha. Thank you btw!

Sounds like an impressive goal. Good luck!


Thank you


You're welcome, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎁🎈🎂


Haha thanks!

Happy birthday ! It's amazing how you talk about all those positive things of Steemit, it's actually quite a shame that steemit hasn't reached more users yet, but I'm sure that time will come soon. About the HardFork Series, really looking forward to this project ! If there's any way I could help, I would love to!

Best wishes,


Yeah let's hope many more users find steemit soon :)

Send me a message in the steemit.chat if you want, and we can see if can work together on something... You have amazing photographs btw :)

Thank you for the nice wishes Gaëlle!


Thank you for the nice compliment! I'll send you a message :)

Hey @the-alien first things first Let me stand up and sing for u HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Sorry could not resist the temptation to wish you you may not know me and I have not met you but there is a connect through your posts and I am sure we would interact more. Be it through the Hard Fork series or the other posts .


Thank you for the kind words!

This gets me so excited for the possibilites on here. So far this seems to be an amazing adventure idea. Cant wait to see more


Thanks, we'll keep posting update all along the way :)

I love the power of science fiction to explore concepts relevant to today's society, so this series sounds like a perfect match for Steemit creatives. (Oh, and happy birthday!)


I totally agree, I feel the same.

Thank you for the Birthday wishes :)

Happy Birthday :)


Thank you!

I didn’t wish you on your birthday because I didn’t want to interrupt you in mourning the passing of yet another youthful year of your life. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Birthday :) It might be too late, but i hope you've enjoy your birthday @the-alien :)

yo happy birthday manand long live @the-alien

Realy great story. And ofcourse a Happy B-Day

proper post man...enjoyed the narrative

Happy birthday, a little late, sorry, I hope you had a great time, greetings from Venezuela

My best wishes for you, have a nice year

What a beautiful and encouraging post, Adil.
Funny enough that I've just found the link on Facebook to then read your your article opening up with Facebook notifications :-)

You are right: this place has something no other is able to provide, or better said, it offers the ideal mix. Creative people of all nationalities, genders, groups of interests and personal backgrounds join - and stay - because they find like-minded friends and start to do awesome stuff together (like you did).

I can't wait to see the community feature getting started - this will bring the platform - and its smartest characteristic - to the next level and strengthen the sense of community, the creative potential and synergies even more.

In love as in life, they say that you need only one quality to attract people, but you need at least two to keep them.

There is nothing more to add :-)

Steem on and (again) happy birthday!

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Happy belated birthday. Steemit has a lot of promise and has been fun interacting with so many great people, ideas, and knowledge bases.

I must confess am hearing stuffs like these for the first time and I will like to hear more of them 'cos i wanna learn and learn fast.....Indeed steemit is a wonderful community with wonderful geniuses Like you buddy....Happy belated birthday @the-alien

Happy birthday brother .... your birthday is the same as my wife's birthday ... August 9th. Hopefully long life and always given health.

Hi, happy birthday, but I came to ask you for a gift. I'm a journalist and I publish the magazine for @cervantes. I would like to make an interview for the Hispanic #steemit community. please tell me yes :-)