I will not return

in #storylast year

It's been a long time. But the rosebuds never opened, no roses. People thought that the owner of the garden did not plant the veins of the plant into the heart of the earth. However, the owner of the garden said they did nothing, the money did nothing else. In fact, the only reason the beers smile was the beans themselves. Because he didn't want to grow up. “I will never turn into these adult roses. What a filthy picture. According to the leaves. “They took them out. Nothing wrong, private, secret. But there's a trophy in the reserves. They do not feel uncomfortable with their nonsense, they contribute to their indifference. On top of that, their appearance, the smell of what appears, is hunted with its thorns. This is the most disgusting and frightening thing: Can thin, elegant legends be a tree branch like thorns? How can I break these disgusting spines? For what? My amazing charm surprised me and the target drowned in my hand. My God! What a hypocrisy! "

That's why it didn't open. But now this game was too long. The depths of the Self manifested as a voice that the creative power did not know where it came from: Oh ah, Clover, why don't you open it. Come, the voice was shaking from the inside, trembling through it.

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