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I reached forward, her back was to me and I gently placed my hand on the outside of her own. She was so tiny in front of me, like a little bird. There was no certainty how she was going to react but I had a feeling and after a slight pause, she curled her small hand around my fingers.

We stood on a darkened and crowded dance floor, watching the teachers in the spotlight demonstrate a pattern and she ever so slightly leaned herself back so her shoulders fell on my chest. I knew at that point that I was going to marry this girl.

Of course the story she would tell would be slightly different. She would say I used a line (which I did say, but it wan't a line) and that it didn't work (yet here we are married with a child 8 years later) on her.

Many years ago, I drew a picture in a sketchbook of a woman and I still remember it today, even though I have no idea what happened to the sketchbook itself. I wanted to look into the future a bit and think abut what I wanted in a partner, I even wrote some basic attributes down I thought I might one day consider valuable.

The weird thing is, that when I first saw my wife dancing, it was that picture that came to mind and I hadn't thought about it for a decade or more. It was her. Or at least, her enough to remind me of the picture. Funny isn't it?

One thing I wrote was 'Good mother' and I have lucked out there, as has my daughter as she is awesome with our daughter and I think as she grows, she will realise how lucky she is to have this woman as a mother.

My wife never met my mother and has only been able to spend a very short few minutes with my dad. My wife has asked if my mother would have liked her and the answer is a resounding, 'No, my mother wouldn't have'. My mother didn't really like anyone though so, it is not about my wife. My Dad liked her though but, 'He likes everyone' so that doesn't really help her cause either.

Our relationship is no fairy tale though and comes bundled with a lot of clashing of minds and wills. We are both strong (read stubborn) people and we challenge each other more than we don't. It was one of the attributes I wrote on me sketch. I want to be challenged, I want someone who will demand more from me and help me be better tomorrow than I was today. It would have been nice if my wife had sketched out me though.

But, even with all the hurdles we have faced, and all of the times we have annoyed the hell out of each other, going forward, we will still be in it together for the long-run and I hope it will always be that way too.

I was going to write a fictional love story for Valentine's day but, I don't buy into the trap that is modern day romance. People want only good times, only upside, only honeymoon. That is not where love lays. It is in the hard times and the struggle, in the arguments and the conversations trying to work out how to pay for the groceries and baby formula. Love isn't sweeping off the feet, it is grounded, centered and practical where two people work together to be better individuals for each other.

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Your last paragrapha defines absolutely what I feel about love. @tarazkp are you sure we ain't connected in some way? Lolzz...co we kinda share similar view sometimes.

When I fall in love newly with a lady. I look past the first stage of the relationship, as a matter of fact it doesn't interest me at all coz I know it doesn't last. I often look forward to the arguments and fight coz that's actually the obstacles that makes us stronger by day and pwole think I am wierd for thinking this way. Lolzzz.

The story you wrote ...is it really a true story about you wife?

My Dad liked her though but, 'He likes everyone'

By the way this sounds like a line from Justine Bieber's song.

"My Mama don't like you, she likes everyone..." Lolzz

Yes it is true.

Grow together or grow apart. A good argument brings people together.

I don't quote Justin Bieber :D

Hehehehe...I didn't say you quoted him. Just saying .lolzz :-D

Love isn't sweeping off the feet, it is grounded, centered and practical where two people work together to be better individuals for each other.

Reminded me of what Emilie Barnes said;

a good marriage is not a gift; it's an achievement by God's grace.

It takes the good hearts of you to live together after all the hurdles. That is lovely to hear.

Beautiful story
Your style is great in telling
Do not be bored and read
good luck
Do you have your own novel?
I also published some of my writings
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Very interesting and beautiful story . Your thinking is so great .thanks for share.

Amazing participant Glorious thank you for sharing

thank you very much I always read your posts. really like how you write. I was there too, about Valentine's day wrote

i read your post.i like this story .
your right...

wow..... wonderful story @tarazkp . It is about knowing people and their side of the story..i like your post. thanks for share the post.

Although I'm 24,I haven't yet fallen in 'Love'..The love stories of my friends that I have witnessed were not always smooth..Hurdles are common especially if the society is much conservative. I'm envious of the western countries as of your's..How liberal they are! We here in India don't actually live for ourselves..Many live to satisfy the society and relatives..Its not that they are all timid!

The love story of you and your best half ,as of all other love stories, took me to some other state that I'm currently not in.Wishing you and your family a blissful life!
One word in our language Tamil
" வாழ்க வளமுடன்'

i am inspire about him from your post.
thank you for your post.

Your comment is annoying trust me. If you would t take the time to read the post then don't comment .

Brutal to be honest and say that your mother would not have liked her, but better to tell the truth!

"yet here we are married with a child 8 years later" - lol, women :D

It is actually much easier to get angry with / annoyed by someone we love. It's because we especially care about what that person will think, say, do, feel and how will he/she relate with us.

Cheers! : )

I cannot agree more! In your last paragraph, you said it all. That is where the love lays, in the hard times. If you can survive the hard times, your love is strong. I wish you and your wife many many happy years together.

What an amazing feeling when you see something you've been dreaming about in front of your eyes. I've had these awesome moments a couple of times myself.

You always write very beautifully about her, it's a pleasure to read!

I'm catching up on tabs that I opened earlier. I normally open your articles when I see them and then read them when I have a chance to process what you're saying. Your topics often involve thought and I don't want to give a glib response.

It is in the hard times and the struggle, in the arguments

Even if I hadn't known from this or other articles that you're married, I would know now. Marriage has wonderful moments where you are swept off your feet, but it's the loving each other even when times are tough that will make it last. It's easy to love someone who is kind to you. What about when they're not? Are you committed to the person, or are you just there to take when things are good? It's a good reminder for all of us that our love is proved in the hard times.

Happy Valentine's Day! :) Ha ha