One Time We Will Experience the Same Things

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We all should be sad when the (ex) combatant turns out to be able to be bought at a very cheap price, only five hundred million rupiah. Eagle one has fallen! We all look for characters, someone with a vision reaches far ahead. A leader who is strong and honest, and has a long list of greatness in the past, who inspires and nurtures, someone who is smart but also wants to be reminded. Big but low.


Hope it fades slowly. When (the former) fighter is re-elected, he turns into a person we did not know before, he crazed by attacking the people who were opposite him, Ad Hominem. Something that is not suitable for us for a leader. The longer he becomes arrogant with his power. Some loyalists are even more violent on social media attacking their political opponents, as an action will invite a reaction, citing Newton's Law. Attacking behavior results in a counterattack, so in front of our eyes there is a fierce social media battle due to rice cooking, of course the economy, which is unimaginable for us to happen before.

But history can indeed turn towards what we don't take into account, there are always deceptive turns in the long corridors that are taken. History itself is a process. It might be wrong when we are too hopeful of democracy, the high political costs have left many regional heads in corruption. Then other politicians (especially opponents), may not be too happy. Anyone can lose, just different times.

Is he really corrupt? Let the KPK prove it. True or not we have all lost, destroyed. The real victim is the community, how devastated to know that the funds that should be used for welfare are swallowed whole by the authorities (and their allies). Trillions of the blood money in the conflict turned out to have been corrupted.

Are we entitled to be mad at him blindly? From the perspective of the victim, we should not feel entitled. Why? Because when we saw his face, wrapped in an orange vest, we saw the face of an ordinary human being, naked, shed tears, without a pilot jacket, without golden buttons. He is our face, the leader always reflects what he leads. Yes, the spirit of Aceh at the national level has been destroyed.

Money, if you think about it is an unspoken conspiracy, we all know that money is just a piece of paper, or a piece of metal. Now that money is often even invisible, computer bytes manifest as levels of amount, it is like an imaginary object that moves from an account to a remote account in a passbook. But we make it so important, because we can change money into a bag of rice into a number of votes in elections, as medicine becomes gold diamond, a memo into medals, an ancient golden sword into a car. Money is the intermediary that connects.

To his political opponents, if I can remind him. Don't dissolve in a misleading political euphoria. Unite for us, ordinary people. If it is possible not to pursue money too much, there will be no end. The peculiarities and localities that we have enjoyed so far can fly, then disappear. What are the consequences? Greed for money.

If life is chasing money, it will be like a flat board. Flat, smooth and never going deep. With that, the prices of goods boast of working in the human head, a head is no longer special when choosing silence or moving "only" because of these numbers. To him who likes to rebuke, know, listen to a lyrics of Bob Dylan; "Money don't talk; it swears, "if you can hum for him a little.