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The girl's face was filled with joy. She slowly entered the room with a thousand mirrors to move forward. He said, and said: "I've never seen such a beautiful place, if I do it right, I'll go to this place from now on." It seems that thousands of other girls are afraid and frightened eyes are watching. What are you afraid of the mother who raised both hands and along with the other thousand girls also raised their hands? She ran out of the terrified room ike diccheebare left for the first time and said: "Come home, it's a shame that this place and imitate asabana jayagaami"
I want to move forward with frustration, fear and emotional exhaustion, and see the illusion in their eyes. Tired, depressing and transformative. Here, since the results will be.

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Mirror is such a thing that when people stand in front of them, they see theirs, and now they see their face, a very good story is written that you are very well thank you.