Burning Phoenix: Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: A True Treasure

Breaking into the fourth star of the Disciple rank was not the end of the benefits given by the Divine Flower. Thread after thread still gently flowed into the immense Qi swirl and allowed for it to grow bigger and bigger. Soon he had reached the peak of the fourth star, and as the final petal started disintegrating into Qi threads, Hui Yue entered the threshold of a five-star Disciple ranked expert.

As the final petal had vanished, Hui Yue felt how his Qi swirl had gained immense strength shooting him from a three-star Disciple to the peak of a fifth star.

However, the Qi was only the petals of this Divine Flower, other energies were also bustling and rushing through his young body.

Each petal was dripping with drops of spiritual energy, and this was as much spiritual energy as that of a whole star at the Duke rank. This spiritual energy rushed through the entire body of Hui Yue, removing impurities on its way, yet it had one definite goal and it rushed toward the soul of Lan Feng.

Happiness was evident on the face of the blue Phoenix as he greedily absorbed the big drops of spiritual energy. His white feathers started shining with a lustre much like the one which had been seen on the drops of liquid, and happiness was evident within Hui Yue as he felt the increase in strength from their fused soul.

A strange premonition filled Hui Yue as he was analysing the strange feeling the flower gave him, and astonishment appeared when he realised that this feeling was from the fused soul between him and Lan Feng. If he were to pull on the string which attached them to each other, then he would be able to withdraw the spiritual energy which Lan Feng had absorbed.

The fused souls truly allowed for the other to borrow strength. Relief flushed through Hui Yue’s face as he knew that he no longer needed to retreat in fear of the black cloaked men who currently resided within the City Lord’s mansion. He would be able to burn them to a crisp on his own.

Although the spiritual energy and the Qi had been absorbed by Hui Yue and Lan Feng, a golden energy which far exceeded the others in power kept circling around his meridians. It kept cleansing his body allowing for the steam to increase in size, and the sweat slowly turned into grim, dirty, water that was being forced out of the pores.

Eventually, just as the spiritual energy and the Qi had been fully absorbed, a flashing light appeared from this golden sun which was rushing through the body, and it made its way to the dantian cave where it hovered on top of the Qi swirl.

The brilliant radiance from the small Wu Wei sun caused the Qi swirl to spin around absorbing every single ray of light, which caused the threads to swell in size and split in two allowing for further enhancement of Hui Yue’s strength.

Suddenly the sun cracked as though it was an egg, and within the golden shell was a small item which looked like a pearl.

This pearl slowly descended from the cracked shell before it entered the Qi swirl where it hovered just above the human copy which Hui Yue’s cultivation method had created. Here it steadied itself and started swirling around, much like the Qi spiral itself.

Hui Yue felt a sudden suction force coming from within his body, and the new found feeling of essence rushing into his body shocked Hui Yue as he saw how this newly absorbed essence gathered around the pearl, after which it was sucked into Hui Yue’s copy and slowly but surely refined into pure Qi.

The golden shell slowly turned into streaks of light. Hui Yue had expected these lights to float to Lan Feng, as Hui Yue had not unlocked his upper dantian yet. Though this did not happen, instead the streaks of light travelled once more through Hui Yue’s body before a sharp pain appeared between Hui Yue’s eyes, as though something was forcing its way through a closed gate.

The pain grew more and more intense before Hui Yue eventually felt as though someone was repeatedly stabbing his head, and he passed out.

It was in the middle of the night before Hui Yue finally came about, the pain had completely subsided. Hui Yue instantly felt between his eyes, but nothing could be felt with his fingers.

Instead, Hui Yue moved his consciousness there to observe, but nothing looked different from before, everything was as it had been.

Furrowing his brows, Hui Yue moved to a lotus position after which he created a mental projection, then he moved towards Lan Feng wishing to hear what had happened.

‘There you are, sleepy head,’ Lan Feng said, happiness clear within his eternal voice. Seeing the phoenix this happy, Hui Yue could not help but allow for a smile to appear on his own lips.

Although it had ended with pain, Hui Yue had gained quite a lot from absorbing the Divine Flower. He could feel how his body was absorbing essence at a speed which he had never experienced before, and every time he looked at the swirling pearl within his Qi spiral, excitement grew within his heart.

Having this pearl almost halved the amount of time needed for refining as the Hui Yue copy was seated, constantly refining and no longer absorbing.

‘What happened with the golden light?’ Hui Yue asked curiously, as he seated himself next to the happy Lan Feng.

‘It forced its way into your upper dantian,’ Lan Feng said in a matter of fact kind of way, shocking Hui Yue.

‘But my upper dantian is not unlocked!’ Hui Yue exclaimed surprised. This was the first time he ever heard anything about it being possible to store energy within a closed dantian.

‘You collapsed because it hasn’t yet been opened,’ Lan Feng said with a sigh. ‘Everyone is born with the three dantians, yet the majority are unable to ever unlock their full potential.’

Lan Feng gave Hui Yue a long look, and a smile appeared on his face, ‘This is not the first energy which have been deposited into your upper dantian,’ he snickered, but although Hui Yue was curious, he could feel that Lan Feng had no intention of describing it in detail so instead he chuckled; he slightly shook his head while enjoying the sight of the swirling Qi spiral swirling around the Divine Flower seed and the cultivation technique copy.

To see how his hard work had evolved into a constantly revolving machine was an incredibly pleasing feeling.

‘You mentioned the Dungeons of the Divine,’ Hui Yue said curiously. ‘What are they?’

The name sounded so outstanding that Hui Yue wished to know more about them, yet it was nothing he had found previously when he went through book after book in the library.

‘Ah,’ Lan Feng had a nostalgic expression on his face. ‘You’ll know later,’ he said dismissively. ‘I’ll take you there when you manage to unlock the middle dantian. Although we can’t go too far in, we can always run around at the outskirts, and it should be greatly beneficial.’

Hearing this Hui Ye rose an eyebrow and a smirk appeared on his face. Their goal was so far in the future that Hui Yue needed smaller goals along the way, which he could aim towards, and his current goal had changed from defeating Wang Ju Long to reaching the middle dantian as soon as possible.

Hui Yue did not look down on Wang Ju Long since he had found out that she was a girl, but he had realised that although she was hard working, it was not possible for her to keep up with Hui Yue as she was limited her cultivation method.

Suddenly a thought slammed into Hui Yue. ‘Lan Feng,’ Hui Yue said breathlessly, the sly grin on his face growing much bigger. ‘You told me that the reason I can’t give the twins, and everyone else a new cultivation technique is because their Qi purity is too low,’ he continued, and Lan Feng nodded his head, trying to hear what Hui Yue was referring to.

‘Wang Ju Long has some very pure Qi, is there any method which would fit her?’ Having asked the question, Hui Yue could not help but feel some excitement within himself. Although he no longer felt the same kind of rivalry as he had before, he still wished for Wang Ju Long to grow stronger as she had been the first person within this world to allow for Hui Yue to realise the reality of his own abilities.

‘It should be possible,’ Lan Feng said smilingly. ‘You are finally accepting a women of this world?’ He continued, but before Hui Yue had the chance of answering, Lan Feng started speaking again. ‘Wang Ju Long is not bad.’ A dreamy look appeared on the perverted bird’s face, ‘her body is still quite small, but one day she will grow into quite the beauty. You should definitely give her a positive impression of you now and then harvest those feelings later.’

Hui Yue tried to stop the blabbering parrot, but he just kept on talking, ‘I still think you should consider that twin as well. She is quite the beauty already. I know your friend is quite keen on her, and since his family gave us this Divine Flower you can always chose to share her with him.’

‘Enough!’ Hui Yue said while laughing, ‘I’m not going to help her for the sake of courting her I just want her to continue being strong so that I have someone who can train with me in the future.’

Hearing this caused Lan Feng to grumble slightly, but he said no more. Instead he closed his eyes.

‘I know a cultivation technique.’ Lan Feng said as his eyes were closed. ‘We’ll give her one of the twelve zodiacs. The horse, it should work out well.’

Hui Yue felt great gratitude towards Lan Feng for helping his friends this way with no serious questions asked, and he quickly picked an empty memory stone from within his storage stone, and withdrew the cultivation technique which he then imprinted into the low grade memory stone.

The rest of the night was spent cultivating as Hui Yue wished to stabilize his Qi cave which still was swirling rapidly.

The following morning Hui Yue paid his bill before he rushed towards the Wang family compound. Although Hui Yue had never been there before he found that it was an incredibly easy to find place, yet as soon as he got there he noticed that the guards were anything but friendly towards Wang Ju Long’s school mate.

“I just need to pass a gift to my classmate!” Hui Yue said exasperated, as he looked at the guards who kept telling him to walk away.

“Can you at least tell him that Hui Yue is here?” He asked, feeling his annoyance growing bigger. Had he not already decided to give this cultivation method to Wang Ju Long before he left for the Magical Forest, otherwise Hui Yue would have left long ago.

“Did you say Hui Yue?” A timid voice sounded from within the courtyard, and Wang Jingshen appeared his eyes widening in shock as he saw the white-haired boy.

“USELESS!” He yelled as he looked at the guards. “Don’t mind them,” he continued and personally invited Hui Yue inside. “I will bring my brother here as soon as I can, please look around as you please.” He turned towards the guards and stared daggers at them, “I will deal with you later!” after that he vanished behind a building, and Hui Yue looked around at the family compound.

The entire compound was beautiful. There were gardens between each building and every building was adorned with gold and gemstones.

“Hui Yue!” Wang Ju Long came running towards the guest who was looking around; her face flushing red as she had not expected to see him here. As she reached him she stopped for a moment to catch her breath before asking: “What are you doing here?”

“I’m leaving town soon to go to the Magical Forest,” Hui Yue said with a smile, “But I have one gift for you first.”

Hearing this caused Wang Ju Long to furrow her brows, but she still accepted the memory stone which she was passed by Hui Yue.

“This is a cultivation method which is much more beneficial than the one you currently use,” he explained. “Don’t use it amongst other people, I am giving it to you and you only. I want you to keep being my rival even in the future.”

Having said that a smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face, and he turned around starting to walk out of the Wang family compound, turning around only once to wave at Wang Ju Long who now had a wide array of elders behind her.

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