Suggests the Gnaguru

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Suggests the Gnaguru

The man who is one of my main teachers, he died a few decades ago. By reading my identity book with him. Interested in the theoretical subjects began to read him sometime. After that, I was surprised by what happened. In fact, he began to understand life and the world completely different from his writings. It is astonishing to think of how difficult it is to learn all the hard things that are difficult to understand. We have received such manifestations of talent and scholarship from very few people till today. In the long trek of history, his peers are not very much. Best of all, the power to analyze him. He had the amazing ability to break the difficult issues closer to the fundamental truth. History and philosophy-politics-his ideas and knowledge of religion and the traditional civilization-was unthinkable. His influence on me is undeniable.

Interestingly, I did not agree with many of his thoughts later. Respectfully respected and respected. For example, he has defined politics as the ultimate criterion for all. Here I disagree. I have a different opinion about this. Another thing is that he has shown organizational and organizational activity to reach the ultimate goal of society and civilization. And I think it is more important to change people. When people did not change from inside, never change the society created by any organization. So, people have to go before idology. It is necessary for every person to understand that the idology is essential for a person, society and state. If able to convey that there is something beneficial, people will be loyal to the ideals themselves. I acknowledge the importance of the organization, but it is no less important than the human.

In spite of these disagreements, there is no doubt in my mind about his scholarship and superiority as a scientist. I confess his donation to my heart. And I got the power and motivation to disagree from his writings. So, the importance of the guru did not come in any way; Rather, it has increased in times of multiplication.



completely different from his writings

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