Do not be angry

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The angry wife stood in front of the door with Anshya cloth bag and said again, ..., Anusha: I'm really going away. And never Firbona .. I put the paper in front of the mouth and said .. --- Thupu Hoom. If you are good at going once. What is the need to repeatedly trouble? --- Anusha ... what's the problem? You're bothered. I married an irresponsible person like you and ended the life. And here we are. --- Thapu, well you can go away. Standing here, standing up ... Oh Sir, what does it mean to talk? .. (If you are asking for arguments but for more than half an hour, I do not say so ..) --- Anusha: What did you say? I am arguing --- Thapu, no, no, when did I tell it? I was saying that sooner. Otherwise, the train will miss. --- Anusha: This is what I am going to do with the family of the family who will be hurried to the train? I will go to CNG. --- Thapu, so go to the CNG cab. --- Anusha: What did you say? I'm your WIFE, and when you talk to me, you're talking to me. Is this something you do not have a common sense? --- Thapu, he said about the words. --- Anusha: Why do you say the word? Do not you know how to talk to? --- Thapu, then, talking to him again, I will not utter that word. :) --- Anusha: Oh, where do you talk to me? I'm leaving now. --- Thupu and yes. You're leaving have a safe journey. --- Anusha: I'm going to go well and go bad. Who are you to say --- Thupu Oh so! Who i say Okay her --- Anusha: Sari says all the problems are solved? How many mistakes have you made since marriage? How many times will say yes Do not you shy to make so much mistake and say sari? --- Thupu, my shame is a little harder. And you know Tetsato. --- Anusha: Why would you be less shy? You're not a man? Personality is nothing to say why you? --- Tupu shameful woman's spell. That's a little bit of men. --- Anashashah: What are you saying? Oatato do not have you at once. I did not say anything else this time. Only kept silent. The paper is still caught on the face. I'm not looking at him. If you look, you will quarrel more aggressively. Actually she loves me very much. We have been married for six years and we have got married. And the daughter of many great fathers. Her sisters were married in all big houses. Despite having not done her family repeatedly and she is marrying me. We have been married for five years or so. I could not give him anything. And do not want anything more than just love from me. But the lack of love in this love is the problem. Then the raw paddy from his wife became a lanka. They threaten to leave the baggage. Although I know that he will never leave me. I know very well because I can not stay without me. And when his anger decreased, when I was asleep when I fell asleep in the night, my legs soaked so much that I woke up. But today I am very scared myself. Because yesterday was our wedding day. But I could not come home for office work at night. He was asleep while sitting with a cake for me. So today is a little angry. I think if it really goes away, then I'll end. I can not walk one day without him. I think if I really go out of the gate then I will bring it in the lap. But before that we see his feelings. If we say something by going ahead, we will lose. Anusha still standing in front of the door in the bag, looked at me with a big eye. I took the magazine away from the front of an innocently and asked him again, ... --- What is not it matter? --- Anusha: Do I steal money from your pocket so that money will be with me? How to go if you do not rent? : / This time, I could not keep the dhaki. Laughing out loud As soon as she started crying like a girl, she started crying. I got up and said to make a couple of eyes to remove his eyes and said, .., --- Thupo Tha Sona. Then do not go anymore. Just because I did not say anything, I put my head on my shoulders. I too love my love Who has a rage wife and a rage girlfriend, who is angry when you want to make fun of her and increase her anger and you cry even you cry ??

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nice story @sultana


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