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I have seen this woman on my island, she looks mysterious. It seems everybody knows her but I never met her until a few weeks ago.
My chickens produce plenty of eggs now and she contact me asking if she could come over to get some eggs. I was quite excited to hear from her because I was curious about her for a while. I heard some stories about her like "she is a witch" or "she is wicked" or "she is a sweetheart".
The time had come to finally meet her in person.

Who is this woman?
I told her I would be home all day so she could come by at any time. It was amazing how I got all over the top preparing.
Made some herb tea, got my garden all proper like a queen was coming to visit me. At 3 o'clock there she was at my door.

To be continued.

picture from www.pexels.com

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Nice story but uncompleted

I am working on that.