Go back to your country!

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I meet so many many many different people from all kinds of countries and cultures . Not only different languages but also different skin color. It is everybody's own uniqueness and one should not try to sound like a culture that is other than your own.

That world is so sick that for colored people it is necessary to hide their uniqueness to get a job and that is bad news. I can hear if one is Canadian, Native American, Far eastern, from Amsterdam in the north or from a province in the south. I can see on skin color if one is west european or east european and even from what part of Africa someone is. And then I want to ask them where they are from because I am fascinated by their culures, their history and art.

But now it seems not appropriate to ask anyone where they are from it is discriminating? If I am interested in your land, your culture how is that discriminating?

Today I drove home from work and there was a woman hitchhiking. The first thing I see because I am not blind is that she is latino.
In the US, as what I see on internet these days is that whites open their car window and nasty shout "go back to your country" which is disgusting because they are in there own country.

Not here.

I stopped my car because that is what you do on my island, If someone needs help, you help. I didn't want to ask her where she was from to make her feel uncomfortable (because the world is sick) but she asked me first so now I could ask her too.
Peru, she said. She spoke my language with a strong Spanish accent and excused herself for not being a perfect Dutch language speaker.

Your Dutch is perfect I said and much much better than my Spanish. We talked all the way to her destination and we dropped two life stories in a nutshell. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. My business is doing well and in the near future i might need a business partner not working for me but working with me and she could just be the one. And if you have to change your uniqueness for a job, than that is not the job for you.

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

which is disgusting because they are in there own country.
It should be their own instead of there own.