A Miracle Happened.

in story •  last year 

Now that my chickens are all grown up they started the production of eggs voor me and fertilizer for my garden.
When I just got the chickens and proudly posted a picture on Facebook and some human roosters responded by saying I need a rooster to get the chickens to lay eggs. According to them it was impossible for a chicken to lay eggs without a rooster.

Educated people even a school teacher urged me to get a rooster because my chickens would definitely not lay eggs without a rooster.
Seriously? Yes seriously.

And when the miracle happened that the first immaculate egg was "born" I opened my garden for the pilgrimage for the guys that believed my chickens needed a rooster to come and see this miracle for $ 50.

It was hilarious really and the island girls against the island boy's won of course. "Who needs a man for a woman to lay eggs?
It seems the human roosters, the boy's did not quite understand how chickens and how woman work. But then, do they ever.

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Your chickens is beautiful!
I liked your humor!
And if you want more chickens?
I do not know how many chickens live.
How many chickens do you have?

Haha, I go to the chicken farm and get more chickies.