legend : Asal Mula Gunung Merapi

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It is said that Java Island has a sloping and uneven ground. For that, the gods in heaven want to balance the island of Java by putting a mountain in the middle of Java Island. Finally, it was decided to move Mount Jamurdipa which is located on the South Coast to the area around the border of Sleman, Boyolali and Klaten districts.
In the place will be placed Mount Jamurdipa, lived two powerful masters of keris maker Empu Rama and Empu Pamadi.
In making kris, they never forged iron using a hammer or metal base, but directly with their hands and thighs as the base.
Later, the gods sent Batara Narada and the God of Withdrawal to meet the two masters and ask them to move from there so as not to be overrun by the new mountain.
Both messengers came to earth. They convey the message of the gods to the two masters.
"Thank you for coming, but sorry we can not move from here, because if we move around it is not good for the quality of our made kris," said Professor Rama.
Batara Narada and the God of Withdrawal tried again to advise the two masters, "However, if you do not do this, the island of Java will be more tilted:"
Both of these powerful masters remain at their stance and refuse to move.
This makes Batara Narada and the God of Withdrawal angry. There was an argument followed by a battle between the four.
Kesutian Empu Rama and Pamadi Empu higher, Batara Narada and Dewa Penyarikan can be pushed back.
The gods in the wrath of magic when Batara Narada and the Withdrawal God came home empty-handed.
"The two masters are stubborn, then we do not have to take them in. Sweep Jamurdipa Mountain right now!" commands Batara Guru.
Dewa Bayu then blew Mount Jamurdipa, so it slammed and fell just above the two masters' fireplaces. Empu Rama da Empu Pamadi was killed by the mountain. The fireplace where the two masters were then turned into a crater. Finally, the mountain is called Mount Merapi, because it is located exactly at the location of the two masters of the keris maker.

  • Notes that can be picked based on Folklore from Yogyakarta: The Origin of Mount Merapi is a Merapi volcano located in the tip of Java island is the most active volcano in Indonesia. forest area around its peak became a national park area of ​​Mount Merapi since 2004 ".

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