I think my patience and understanding is being taken for granted by my wife

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Hi Stephanie, I want the world to see because i think my patience and understanding is being taken for granted by my wife.

6 years already into this marriage, disobedience and unfaithfulness in terms of not being straightforward with me has been the order of the marriage. Though at times, the woman changes for good, then later she starts again.

One Sunday afternoon after returning back from church, she quickly rushed to me saying she wanted to go and drop her sister at the hospital since the first malaria treatment she had didn't work. I asked where the hospital is located, she said somewhere in gbagada. Knowing fully well that my wife does not know that terrain, and also that she was going with the kids, I volunteered to drop them off, but she kept mute, and her body language showed that she didn't want me to drop them off.

So I said "please be careful", gave her money to branch at the filling (Gas) station to top up the fuel in the car. On their way going, I got hungry because lunch was not prepared before they left, I decided to rush down to the nearest eatery to get something to eat, on entering my own car, i figured out my fuel was low, so I decided to go to the filling (Gas) station.

On getting there, I saw my wife's car, she was actually standing at the passenger side which is weird because she was the one that drove off. I looked at the drivers side and I could see a mans head. So my wife came to meet me and said she just paid for fuel and they are leaving now. I was expecting her to at least tell me who the person at the drivers seat was, but she didn't. Instead, She just went straight to the passenger side and closed the door with my kids inside the car.

I was really stunned, so I horned for her to come down and as she came down, she said "oh i forgot to ask you if it was ok for Segun to drop us at the hospital"? I was like "why"? And she said "because he seems to know the place". Funny thing is, I have never met this guy before, but she has told me about him before and I know him as the guy that loans money to my wife and her sister money when urgent funds are needed. So she called the dude down from the car, introduced him properly and I asked them to leave. Alot of people will sure blame me for allowing someone I don't really know to drive my family to a location, but at that moment I was still stunned because to me it was the highest level of mistrust and disappointment, so I could not take a drastic move. They left, and the same guy dropped them off.

That night, I called my wife and sat her down, that I need an explanation on how the whole scene played out, because I volunteered to go and drop you off but didn't want me, and all of a sudden, I am seeing another man whether known or unknown person in the car with my kids without you telling me before you left the house that someone was going to drive you. She responded saying, to be sincere, they had plans seeing the guy at the bus stop to discuss loan, but she decided to have the guy drive them since he knows the hospital and since he is a man. I was like fine, but when you came to meet me, I thought you were suppose to tell me who was in the car, instead you walked off. She replied that she forgot, that it was the moment that i horned that she realized she was suppose to ask me if i was ok for Segun to drive the car.

Oh well, they say communication is key in marriages, I will not say she was lying, thought I know something don't add up, so I moved on. But the damn thing that really got me worried was that, few days to that very day, I noticed her being worried and soliloquizing, asked her what the problem is, claimed that its the money she lent last from the Segun guy which she has not been able to pay , that the dude has been asked her for the money since the payment time has elapsed. With that alone, it gave me a worrying thought that, it was the same guy that I ended up seeing at the filling (gas) station driving my family off.

Please guys, What is your take on this?

Advice me please

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You gotta really listen to her, her feelings and ACT on it before it's too late.