The longest surgery in the world .. lasted 4 days continuously!

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In 2001, the longest surgery was performed in the world, lasting more than four days in a row (103 hours to be precise). After a team of 20 doctors at the Singapore General Hospital separated the twins from Cape Ganga and Jamuna Shrestha when they were 11 months old.

The longest surgery in the world .. lasted 4 days continuously!
Not only did these two girls separate their skulls, they also separated molecules that were common to their brains. Usually like a 30-hour separation procedure, but doctors discovered that the procedure was more complicated than they thought.

"When we were planning this operation, we did not expect to take too long," said Dr. Keith Goh, who oversaw the operation. "During the surgery, we found that the brains were closely attached to each other, in addition to the blood vessels that were going on between the two brains, and the tissues that are shared between them." He pointed out that there were hundreds of small blood vessels that had to be traced and determine the source and any girl back, and the brains were wrapped around each other spiral. In the end, there was a need to reshape the skull of each twin.

Advanced technology has helped surgeons in this process dramatically, by creating a three-dimensional survey of the brains of the sisters to separate the skulls.

In the end, the operation was successful, although Ganga contracted meningitis seven years later and subsequently died. Jamuna is now 15 years old, in good shape, can talk, sing, and go to school.


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