Parents biased sister makes me miserable

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One day, I hugged her mother to buy shoes for her mother's scowl: "You worry that I pay my sandals." 

Do not know ever since I have experienced discrimination from parents, the pressure stacking pressure. It is often said that the parents are older than the older one? No, my family is different. Mom and Dad are older than her baby. Compared to my age, I am a child but have an adult mindset. Sometimes I'm jealous because my parents' discrimination is so obvious. Everyday baby do everything while adults play, until parents come back to scold the lazy baby? I explained to my parents again: "You mouth shut your mouth", do not think the parents are too backward to hear from the two sides that have to assess people face? 

Every week, on Sundays, parents buy me big pants and pants, while I get nothing. One time, he immediately said to her mother: "Why do you just buy clothes for me and not buy them for me while you make money?" Imagine that mother heard this sentence to be embarrassed, but the mother responded bluntly: "Oh, discrimination like that." How does a baby hear this feeling? To me, it is more painful than a knife to hit the heart. One day, back to the house happy mother bought for the slippers, her mother's face scowl: "You worry that pay me sandals". How old are I in school age? My parents are a part of me, but I have a lot worse, one question, two questions, I did not do anything to slap my face in the face, broken glass. I do not dare to tell parents that there is only a tip. I do not dare to confide to anyone, just know a corner crying. What should I do? 

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