I Almost Set Fire My Entire House Because of Cockroaches.

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Well nobody like cockroaches , but I'm pretty sure I'm the person who got the most hate for these little motherfuckers. I was alone at that time , family were scattered everywhere for holiday. the months past by and these little mother fuckers literally owned my kitchen I'm not exxagerating. They don't leave out the kitchen so I dont enter the kitchen out of respect because they become a wellknown community in my kitchen.

These creatures are highly sensetive to light go to kitchen and open the light at 3 am they should mostly scatter. but the events came such a point that these suckers won't even move when they come to kitchen they were just moving their antennas and think in their little mind that aaah this guy again this fucker is totally harmless and they just move on

Also there were pregnant ones moving around in the kitchen with eggs almost up to their half of asses. When you kill someone the others were attacking you . they were everywhere furnitures , refririgator , drawers so fellow steemians they were everywhere.

But they were well educated they never left the kitchen this entire instance , but one of them came to school with me with my school bag , that ugly motherfucker was in the size of an almond I throw him to the wall instantly when I see it with anger.

I always kept the kithen door closed and I was afraid to put some poisonious tablet or bug spray because they were everywhere these mother fuckers were literally dropping from walls to the ground . FUCK I got irritated again.

One night some shit dropped in the kitchen , sounds like a plate or something I thought wow they start to eat kitchen again. I went in the front of kitchen door and listened there were no noise. I dont know what I even expected to hear lol. I opened the light and I instantly gone mad I started to shiver THEY WERE FUCKING SO MANY , guys I'm not bullshitting it was like a beehive.
that was the moment when I start to lose it.

in 3 am I sit infront of the stove ( we used to have a stove that works with gas ) and I started to think and ofcourse I started to hear their footsteps in my hear pıt pıtpıtpıtpıtpıt. When I was watching the heating stove I found the solution EUREKA I WAS GOING TO BURN THE MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN. !!

And I use to have a guy who gives the benzin with plastic drums . There were no 17 L water bottles so you used to go to the benzin store to restore some water and also gasoline. I made my plan I was going to burn them.

I took the 10 L drum and went out from house I was going to burn those mother fuckers all these mother fuckers were going to parish by my hands. So I was going to gas station and while I was going I was thinking I buy the benzin and I take out the gaseous tube under the owen and I will wear my friends old football shoes with spike and I will put on a jacket and a bathrobe in order to complete my extermination. Yeah I could do that I will storm in the room as astranout drop everywhere the benzin and flame away the match it sound too easy on my mind . OFCOURSE I CAN DO IT !!

So I bought the benzin and I was on my way to back home then something popped in my mind . How I was going to extinquish the fire ? Then I relieved in our apartment there is 5 floor and there is one in each floor . I thought 5 is going to be enough for sure . if this not work I will wait morning and bought it from somewhere and do it later . I SET IT IN MY MIND I WAS GOING TO BURN THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN.

It was 4 am and I was finally at home I went up to 5th floor and collected all the fire extinquishers in the apartment . I was sweeting like a mad dog , sometimes a human being can show insane amount of strenght in some situation . It was an exactly that kind of situation for me . I lined up the fire extinquishers infront of the kitchen and read the manuel of them and used one of them everything was working fine . I was fully motivated. I WAS READY AND HOME ALONE !.

My Sportshoes spike CHECK I found 3 ugly ass dirty bathrobe CHECK Because I'm super smart an intelligent human I wash the bathrobes with water and wear 2 of them. Well I become like a corpse . I'M GOING TO BURN THE HOUSE , NOBODY CAN RETURN ME FROM MY CAUSE.

another thing came in to my mind while I was in preparation phase it is going to be hard for me to take the benzin from that bottle so I found a bucket and I will throw it to the walls floors with the help of a bowl.

I kicked the kitchen doors I Didn't even hesitate because I got shoes with spike it didnt open then I opened with my hand . GOD THE THING I SAW WAS UNREAL THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.

My thinking mechanicsm was completely closed I instantly put some benzin in bowl and throw in the wall and another bowl to the another wall and another wall then I opened the cabinets . FUCK YOUR MOTHER another bowl of benzin there were 2 bowls left in the bucket I pour them in to the ground everywhere was so slippery . I covered with benzin everywhere covered with benzin cockroaches were escaping with terror . I cabinet left I opened it and I felt like I got shotted from my mind

I forgot to take out the gaseous tube.

I can clearly hear the laughter coming from the cockroaches at that moment. I Started to think a solution , where the fuck is screwdriver C'mon think fast benzin is flying . if I burn it 2 minute and extinquish it . In which heat tube is going explode ? My throat was burning and I was saying myself C'mon man you came this far burn this place down with the moment of hear I pour down the last drops in the bucket to the floor and cockroaches were watching I couldnt even understand they are even less or more at that time . I was feeling dizzy

I started to move to the door the matches were next to the fire extinquishers and I was saying to myself C'mon boy LETS BURN ALL THE WORLD DOWN. When I open the door the breeze of fresh air made me come to the real world . the noises and pressure in to my air increased. Everywhere was smelling benzin and everywhere was benzin my hands , my body,my bottom of hair my throat my eyes and the door was trembling like use to happen in msn messenger I was hearing voices like ambulance , fire department then I opened the door.

I wish I can explain the faces of these people when they saw me in 2 bathrobe full of gas and with football shoes . I didn't know what to say to them . What I was going to say anyway I was going to burn my house down but I couldn't because of the stupid tube ?

They took me out of the house and made me sit to the stairs , they were asking me something but I wasn't even hearing . my mind was on that tube . THAT PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERFUCKING TUBE.

I don't know how much time it passed maybe 5 minutes maybe 45 minutes but the smell of gas was fading away someone taking the fire extinquishers out back in the place . I was slowly turning away from an anger burst while I was sitting . DIDN'T THEY DIE ? I COULDN'T ABLE TO DESTROY THEM ? I COULDN'T BURN THE MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN I was thinking these from time to time but inside I got the tremmer inside me I was almost going to cry but I didn't.

Then I remember I was going up to the stairs and put my head in to some comfortable pillow. And I woke up in the apartment managers house and it is 11 am. The guy is watching some TV with low voice. When he saw me waking up he asks me Are you OK ? I say him Ok shyly but I don't even know how I am and the tube comes to my mind again and my heart start to burn again. Then the manager gets up to get himself water and while he was taking it he said " THEY ARE ALL DEAD " at first I didn't understand shit and then DEAD ? HOW ? Those motherfuckers are all dead and I start to cry like a fountain because I was so full of emotions THE SON OF THE BITCHES ARE DEAD.

The only element that stops me to burn a 5 floor apartment from bottom the top is purely Luck

After this even life never make me confront with cockroaches again for 15 years. because I killed all in a shitty kitchen when I was 15.


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