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Douglas wiped a bead of sweat off his brow as he stared at his creation. It had been two long years since he graduated from college, but finally he had created something with the capacity to change the world.

Over the years Douglas had conceived numerous ideas. Growing up he always dreamed of providing humanity with a solution for clean energy, curing water shortages , tackling environmental degradation etc.

He had spent the last two months building a vehicle that could be piloted by human brain waves. After endless hours of work he had finally achieved a breakthrough.

His invention worked via an Augumented Reality (AR) interface that captured the waves patterns of it's wearer. Test drivers were made to memorize and recall a set of images that represented various control components of the vehicle. Information from the AR interface was sent wirelessly to the vehicle, and the driver's thoughts were converted to motion; at least that was the theory.

Today he would conduct his first test. The vehicle dubbed TK-1 (telekinetic vehicle 1) was parked outside while Douglas and his assistants calibrated its controls from their work stations. Barely ten minutes after they finished that, the vehicle roared to life leaving its creators in shock.

No one was as shocked as Douglas who knew that he never intended to build a vehicle with a mind of its own. TK-1 pulled out of the vicinity and went wild on the streets. Douglas and his assistants boarded vehicles and gave chase.

After an hour long pursuit that caused damage around the city, TK-1 was stopped by an electromagnetic pulse gun developed specifically for a scenario like this. Douglas and his assistants succeeded in towing away the vehicle before the authorities seized it.

Upon getting back to his lab he discovers the reason behind TK-1's strange behaviour. His eleven year old nephew had found the control gear of the vehicle and played with it thinking it was a video game console. Douglas was furious and his head spun searching for a suitable punishment for his nephew.

Two words went out of his mouth

"It works"

He paused, reflected on those words, and then he repeated them

"It works, it works!, it works!!"

Douglas left the company of his nephew and assistants and headed to his work station. His invention worked, all he had left to do was make some minor adjustments and it would be perfect. He would have to find another time to discipline his nephew. Right now changing the world was a higher priority.

story written by @jacksondavies for steemiansarena


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This is a wonderful story by Jackson Davis... Nice one man

This is a wonderful story by Jackson Davis... Nice one man

Cool story. Quitters are never winners. No matter how hard the struggle, we should strive to continue trying.

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It works, that's all that matters. Lol
Nice story Boss.More inspirations