Assuming love.. Part-2

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He went to his ID again and gave the message to Rakib,
Why did you lie to me? "

  • Did you log in to my ID? Yes shit
    Do not go to someone else's ID, do not be ashamed of you?
  • key
  • What are you doing so?
  • Do not talk to you.
  • Aareh aub!
    Sunny does not respond. Get angry out of Facebook
    She has been done. Login again after a little bit
    Rakib, the hero gave a profit story to see
    Army officer as usual!
    Well, you're so army army why in the story?
  • The problem?
    What do you mean?
    I mean, the plot of my story
    Army officers are more suited to them, so let them do the same.
    I like to imagine writing in the same way.
  • Do not you say so!
  • What?
  • You said the other way.
  • Aareh Ajab.
  • What strange?
  • You! Narayanganj girl, a little bit
    More suspicious! Always understand a little more!
  • Do not talk to you.
  • Oops! Nothing is empty, there is no talk, so the song starts
    The girl will!
  • You turn around.
  • You did not go to the wedding?
  • Hmm...
    Bidrillah: How do you know friends quickly.... @srzila51.. if you follow me,I will follow you...