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  • So you eat cock-polo well!
    If there is a little bit of intelligence on the head!
    Seeing the message got angry again Lima. No longer
    There is no talk. Straighten out the ID to activate the ID
    Have become
    Rakib sat in the park the next afternoon.
    Last night he became angry with Lima!
    For that reason, she did not even have her phone at first.
    Once you tell us to continue to say the message of the mobile
    Got the phone Many times the phone has said,
    Lima did not say anything So
    He told her to come in the afternoon. Rakib does not say anything
    You know, Lima can not come.
    By the time Lima came to visit. Seeing Rakib, "Yours
    There is no word with "
    Rakib smiled smiling Ragla Lima looks more beautiful.
    So, by the will, he rugs him. And he is very good
    You know how to lose Lima angry!
    A large packet of kitkat is available from the pocket
    Said, "I thought I would give you but now
    It seems to give another
    The girl will find out! "
    "What?" Said Lima. "Did not it bring for me?
  • I got it for you. But you do not want to take ...
  • Fajil
    Lima could not hold the anger.
    He laughs. It's still like kids
    Chocolatry works. And he knows that Rakib Lima's anger
    He uses chocolate as a means of redemption! This way
    The end of their killings, which have been repeated for the last two years Is coming!
    Limakha eating chocolate, leaving Rakib's shoulders in the park!
    And both of them are enjoying silently by the afternoon
    Wonderful, sensible atmosphere!
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