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In fact, we wrote two books in succession. Aloknanda and Manami. Self-portrait That is, the writer has taken decency like a sublingual-stenographer. The characters themselves say what they say. After compiling two stories, the desire to continue with this style goes away. In other cases, I went to the other side of mythology. Alaknanda was not in the market for some time. The revised edition was published by New Bengal Press (Pvt.) Ltd Thank them.

There was a scream in my mind when I was sitting outside the house. Nikhilesh, Sandeep and Bimala - Three of them have mastered the miraculous power of their Creator's indispensable style? It seemed that if the created characters were unable to duplicate the language of Rabitakura, then there would not have been any need to tell whose souls it was in the quota. From the day when the play-and-play drama became the voice of the radio-drama, we learned to recognize the speaker after hearing only speech and voice. The printed novel is missing voice, handwriting. But speech? Layout of languages? Manarism? Even if every character speaks in his own style, we can also know who his soul is! I did that test - in those two books.

I do not have the right to say that this particular style of writing-that is, the author will talk to the reader in their language, with his creation-character-that was the first import of Bangla in the language. Those speakers of linguists and Bangla literature will speak it. It seems to me that Rabindranath has taken this form of house-and-out in the aftermath of Bankimchandra's Rajni (first published 1877). In the novel, after seeing Bankim stopped, Rajni-Sachindra-Lobangalata Amarnath's team was sitting on the seat. Bankim could not open his mouth once. Before the novel begins and after the title-page, the author's face is very small! In two sense

Bankim says that the part of the novel, by the hero or heroine, is not usually seen in the conventional composition, but it is not new. This was first used in Wilkie Collinsed The Woman in White. The quality of the practice is that, the words which are good to hear in their mouth can be expressed in their mouth. I have resorted to this practice, I have not been responsible for the inconvenient or unnatural things in this novel.

The words which are good to hear in their mouths - Bankim's mind was a hundred and ten years ago. But we do not get it out of the house. The differences between Bimala, Sandeep and Nikhilesh, life-style, ideology are different - they all speak the language of the exact words of Rabiathakura. Bankim's character did not make mistakes.

If you did not have any autobiography written on the head of the patchwork, then Bankim-reader would have no problem understanding it. Shikindranath can not eat eyes as well as in the absence of illiteracy, it is not as incapable as writing in the bank terminology. Amarnath can not speak that language, which will be used in the ornaments (which will dry like a fire-bell pepper).


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