The Rainbow of a Thousand Colors

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The Rainbow of a Thousand Colors

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful rainbow that everyone liked, it had all the colors of yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, red, even the most unimaginable colors.

It was bright with sparkles of colors, it came out every morning and everyone liked it it was magical. When the children saw the rainbow, they closed their eyes and thought of a color and the rainbow put it, for example, you thought of green because it turned into all types of green and that surprised and loved the children to see its beauty.

The rainy season arrived and the rainbow couldn't stop it, people didn't go out as much as they used to, the rains were very strong and many don't like to go out while getting wet, like adults.

Ah but children do like to be in the rain, it's fun, although they missed the rainbow and many people were disappointed by that unfortunately, although he was not to blame, as he could not stop the rain.

The rainbow was sad, all its happiness was gone because it could not shine and make many people happy, especially children. But suddenly the rain ended and the rainbow returned to its former self.

But the adults were not happy about his return because he had disappointed them; but he was not really to blame. But the children still held their faith high and saw the rainbow and the sun as friends.

The rainbow didn't believe it, so he heard the children talking to each other about having faith in him. Then he took strength from those who were disappointed and moved on, shining as always and putting smiles back on people's faces.

The rainbow saw that no matter what happened, he kept going and would never let himself be led astray by bad comments and so he decided to keep bringing out smiles in himself and in others, whether they are adults or children.

The end

Original author by Sofía Lanz


To make this gif my dad used this program bloggif


Guao quedo bello, mi niña me gusta el titulo y tu firma. y ese contenido en ingles o sea fine

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