My first story, "The field of magic flowers."

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"The field of magic flowers."

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Photograph taken with my mother's cell phone, in the hallway that is before the entrance of our apartment.

Once upon a time there was a gardener who had a flower field in his house every morning he woke up to water the flowers and go to work.

But something he did not know was that there was a sorcerer who watched him every morning because that sorcerer had mistakenly sold some seeds for magical flowers such a powerful magic that if he falls into the wrong hands it would be very bad.

If used for good, they should use it with awareness.
If used for evil the world could disappear.

And that sorcerer is very bad so that magic could be in the wrong hands, the gardener when he returns from work every time he is missing more flowers.
Just as every time the world is with many more problems, what the sorcerer does not know is that The gardener is also a sorcerer but of the good ones, so the flowers that remain are in good hands.

For now, one night the gardener kept watching his flowers and realized that it was the person who had sold him the seeds, who stole the flowers lately.

They began to fight while fighting the gardener told him that he was also a sorcerer but that he was good, he was not bad and the sorcerer told him that the flowers had magic and tried to convince the gardener to be bad and the world disappear.
But the gardener spoke and showed him the wonders of being a good man and if he succeeded and convinced him to be good, from that moment they used magic but for good and conscientious.

The end

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-16 at 8.06.23 PM.jpeg

All sunflowers are planted by my sister and I.

To make this publication and the translation, my dad helped me.

Para realizar este Gif mi papa utilizo este programa bloggif


Fantastic story. I love it! Sunflowers brighten everyone's day. I like the comparison of the gardener to a good sorcerer. You grew beautiful sunflowers. Great photograph, especially the last one. The first one shows how you grew them.

Great story!

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Una historia fantástica. Me encanta! Los girasoles alegran el día de todos. Me gusta la comparación del jardinero con un buen hechicero. Has cultivado unos girasoles preciosos. Gran fotografía, especialmente la última. La primera muestra cómo se cultivan.

Gran historia!


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Well done on your first story, I hope you enjoyed writing it and that you will continue sharing. Your dad is a good man and a good friend of mine.

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