Rain, lightning and thunder

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Rain, lightning and thunder a tale of friends.


Once upon a time there were two enemies, the thunder and the lightning that hated each other, in the middle of rainy nights, they both fought to know who made the loudest noise, Those fights between those enemies scared the children a lot, and they ran to the beds from their parents or hiding under their covers, they hugged their favorite teddy bear and they were very scared.

The clouds were black, both lightning and thunder always thought they were the best, but they were practically the same, they scared children and in some cases adults, they sounded very similar so there was no difference, when it was dawn and there was no longer thunder lightning and rain.

The children always went out to see how their patios dawned and those who lived in apartments, because they saw from above how their city was. Thunder and lightning did whatever it took just to win, they were enemies but as always they were focused on being better than the other.

They never realized that the rain always won. One day they stopped fighting strangely because finally they had already realized that it was the rain who won and they made a truce that according to they were not going to fight anymore, but they did not shake hands as it is normally done in truces, because they are lightning and thunder do not shake hands, in fact they do not have.

So they made the truce but they said that after they beat the rain they were going to continue normal with their lives, they were going to continue being enemies. But it turns out that the rain found out and decided it wasn't going to rain until they finished the truce, the thunder found out and told the lightning bolt. They made the rain believe that the truce had already ended, and little by little they became friends while trying to beat the rain.

The children were more and more afraid and wondered why it was raining so much, if it wasn't the rainy season but suddenly when the rainy season arrived it didn't rain anymore and everyone stopped worrying.

The rain mysteriously ran out of drops and no longer had the same strength as before, but one day it rained then lightning and thunder realized that there was no point in fighting, that rain, lightning and thunder could be friends and that there was no point in making heavy rains just to fight and after a while it was no longer heavy rains and they only made drizzles, from time to time they were heavy rains and then everyone was happy forever.

The end

Original author by Sofía Lanz


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