A real story

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When I entered the messenger, I saw a former BF massage. How did you write?
If you see the speed of the heart increased the message, then still remember? She wants to return again? Think of the joy of bringing water to the eyes. But these Philosons will not be able to understand him. I left the sine. To replay the hand repeatedly moving towards the mobile, but with a lot of difficulty control, I replayed about two hours, although it should have been done after two days because there was no message, I did not cut the relationship for two years. Do not like her or her relationship with binding. What is unnecessary ablution?
I write however. Hmm. You are He immediately replayed!
He wrote that you do not have any anger against me?
I can not understand what I will do, it will be backed thinking, write or do not get angry or what? Past is past
He wrote that we can not be a good friend?
Who gets me anymore I wrote it in Gadgad and I can do it. Sari Tori said such things that said goodbye like that day.
The next morning I saw Good Morning. After replaying a few minutes after sending a picture with my friend, one said, "Who is it?" I did not like the mood of my white girlfriend, she says that she does not like her friend, but she loves you very much.
I became wild by seeing Satan Polar. What is Fazil? I was his X. He knocked me out and gave me a line with my girlfriend ??? Personality is one thing to say. Does that mean me so sweet for this? I do not go too low. I said I'll talk to him. Then I said that his fame is so cute that no one does not know his identity in Toby Febu, so there is no one to know him. Then I gave her ID. After seven days, the former massage said, Tulika did you praise me so much? I'm really grateful to you Tell me what I will say no more! Just as you said, you're really good. I heard a month and a month I love to fuck. I too stroked myself, I do not want to be weak, I will not be hurt. She can be shameless, I am not.
After about six months, with the former knock, they said they would melt, so she was very nervous. I said what do you say? What are you talking about nervous canoes? Which would be good.
The next day they were going to meet with ex-excitement and then asked them to sit and tell them not to be a prostitute? Did you say yes? Sajal said love now so much do not recognize ?? When the former has been shown to show all their chat and phone call lists, when he realizes that he has fallen into a phonetic condition, then he may have a heart attack. In the meantime, I jumped in front of me and said with a whirling smile,
What is the liked Sezainanya Gaf? It was his brother who liked it, the difference is the same, the blood is one DNA, one look and one. Did you say that you can do that?
I said that you can do such a thing with the ungrateful like you. And you're chatting with him, you're saying just and using voice chances. The rest are also real goodies, let's get married. The former has understood that he has been thrown out of my head and he will not be able to save today. It was sad to see her and she was relieved that she would be the wife of this stepper.

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