A Rich Man With His Three Last Wishes

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The Story Of A Man
A rich man-made 3 wishes just before he died
(MAN)"I have three wishes,"
He Said
"First, I want only Doctors to carry my coffin
"Second, The road to the grave has to be covered with Gold, Silver and precious stones
"Third, My hands should be dangling out of the coffin."
The relatives of the rich man were shocked at these strange wishes,
(Relative Asked)"We will fulfill your wishes, But tell us,

What is the meaning of these wishes?

Rich Man Said, " I want to show the world That in the face of death, Even the best doctors are powerless," That's why he wants the doctor to carry his coffin.

"I want the road to be strewn with the wealth to show that none of my wealth will come with me, I am going to leave behind all the wealth I have worked so hard to get."

"And I want my "Hands to Dangle"
So people know I came into this world Empty-Handed,
And that is how I will go"

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