The Curse of the Pharaohs

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The legend of the curse of the Pharaohs began at the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922 AD. The first thing that caught their attention was inscriptions saying, "Death will strike by the supreme wing of everyone who disturbs the king's serenity." Many of the workers conducting research in the cemetery, which puzzled scientists and people, and made many believe in what was called the "curse of the pharaohs," and among them some archaeologists who participated in the discovery of the civilizations of the pharaohs, that the ancient priests of Egypt had poured their curse on anyone trying to convey those relics From its place .. where it was said that a strong sandstorm erupted around the tomb of Tutankhamun on the day it was opened and a falcon was seen flying over the cemetery. It is known that the falcon is one of the sacred symbols of the Pharaohs. But there is a German scientist who opened the file of this phenomenon, which occupied many people, to explain to us with reason, medicine and chemistry how forty scientists and researchers died before it was too late and the reason is that the young king ... Tutankhamen .. Although this king has no historical value and perhaps he was ruler did not Much is being done .. Perhaps it was in the era of a counter-revolution against King Akhenaten who first called for monotheism .. But it is certain that this young king derived his greatest importance from the fact that his tomb was untouched by thieves .. and reached us after thirty-three centuries is completely safe and that this The king is also the source of the Pharaonic curse. All those who touched him or touched him were chased by death one after the other, registering with that. He admired and strangest what man knew of the types of punishment ... The obvious thing is that these forty died ... but the mysterious thing is that death is for very trivial reasons and in incomprehensible circumstances Scientists could not explain it clearly scientific explanation.

Tutankhamun, the owner of the cemetery, sarcophagus and curses, ruled Egypt for nine years from 1358 to 1349 BC. His tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and began years of torment, race and despair ... On November 6, 1922 Howard went to Lord Carnarvon, "He says to him," Finally, I discovered a wonderful thing in the Valley of the Kings, and I put the cover on the doors and the basement until you come to see and the Lord came to Luxor on the 23rd. " November was accompanied by his daughter .. Howard advanced and broke the seals and doors .. one after the other .. until he was a short distance from the burial chamber of King Tutankhamen. And the curse story began with the golden canary bird that Carter carried with him when he came to Luxor .. When he discovered the cemetery They first called her the "Golden Sparrow Cemetery" .. And in his book 'Stealing the King' by writer Mohsen Muhammad .. that when Howard traveled to Cairo to receive the Lord, his assistant Calender sparred on the balcony to receive the air breezes .. On the day of the opening of the cemetery, Calender heard distress Weak as a signal cry, hurry to find a cobra snake extending its tongue to the sparrow inside the cage..Calander killed the snake but the sparrow was dead..and immediately it was said that the 'curse' started with the opening of the cemetery as the cobra snake is located on the crown that is placed over the head of statues of kings Egypt .. and e This was the beginning of the king's revenge against those who disturbed him in his shrine.

On the other hand, archaeologist Henry guides that a terrible thing on the way would happen .. but what happened after that was a strange matter that, over time, turned into a supernatural phenomenon and one of the mysterious matters that sparked a lot of controversy and which science has not explained to this day. This .. In the official celebration of the opening of the cemetery, Muhammad Zakaria was infected with a mysterious fever that no one of the doctors had found an explanation .. In the middle of the night completely, Muhammad Zakaria died in Cairo .. What is even more strange is that the electrical current was cut off in Cairo without any apparent reason in The same moment of his death, the newspapers of the world have highlighted the news of the death of Muhammad Zakaria .. Cairo newspapers linked the death of Muhammad Zakaria to switching off the lights and claimed that this was done by King Tut's command, and some newspapers said that Muhammad Zakaria's finger was injured from a machine or poisoned spear inside the cemetery and that the poison is strong by evidence He kept his effect for three thousand years .. She said that a type of bacteria that grew inside the cemetery carries disease and death, and in Paris, the astronomer Ancelan said ... Tutankhamun has avenged.