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There was a leg named Mohammed, selling water to the people as he walked around in his muddy market, and all the people loved him for the good of his creation and cleanliness
One day the king heard this sounding and said to his minister:
Go and bring me Mohammed Saki. The minister went to look for him in the markets until he found him and the king brought him. The king said to Muhammad:

From this day on, I will not work for you outside this palace. You will work here in my palace, watering my guests and sitting beside me, telling me your jokes.
Muhammad said: Hearing and obedience to you Moulay .. Mohammed returned to his wife herald the news of the happy and rich next, and tomorrow to wear the best and wash the pit and the purpose of the palace King, entered the Diwan, which was full of guests and began to distribute water on them and when he ends sitting next to the King to tell him the tales Funny jokes
At the end of the day he gets the price of his labor and leaves for his home. The situation remained the same for a while
Until the day when the minister felt jealous of Muhammad
Because of the position he occupied with the heart of the king.
And the next day when the sacker went home
The minister followed him and said to him: "O Muhammad, the king complains of the smell of your foul mouth
I was surprised by the waterman and asked him: What should I do so as not to hurt him with the smell of my mouth?
The minister said: You have to put a muzzle around your mouth when you come to the palace. Mohammed said: Well I will.
When the morning shone, the waterman put a muzzle around his mouth and carried his cart and went to the palace as usual. The king was surprised by this, but he did not comment on it. Muhammad continued to wear the veil day after day until a day came and the king asked his minister about the reason why Muhammad had been put to sleep.
I am afraid, sir, if I tell you, I have cut off my head. The king said, "You have the right to me. The Minister said: "Mohammed al-Saki complained about the smell of your foul mouth, sir
The king trembled and went and went with his wife and told her news, she said: Who Solt himself to say this tomorrow cut off his head and be an example of each of the same salt you derogate from
He said to her: Yes, yes
The next day the king summoned the executioner and said to him, "Who have I seen him come out of a short door carrying a bouquet of roses, and cut off his head?
And attended the Saqi usual in the morning and distributed the water and when the moment came the king gave him a bouquet of roses a gift to him, and when they are out, met with the Minister and Minister told him:

Who gave you these roses? Muhammad said: The king. And he said unto him, Give me that which I am worthy of thee.
The guard gave him the package and left. When the minister came out, the executioner saw him carrying the bouquet of roses and cut off his head.
The next day, the sage came
As usual, he was carrying his tractor and began distributing water to the attendees
The king was astonished at his vision because he thought he was dead. He called upon him and asked him: What is your story with this revelation?
Muhammad said: "Your minister told me, sir, that you complain about the smell of my mouth and ordered me to put a lotion on my mouth so that it will not hurt."
He asked him again: The bouquet of roses I gave you?
Muhammad said: The minister took her and said that he is more deserving than me. And the king smiled and said, Truly he is more worthy than you
And good faith with the hatred do not meet.

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