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It is now at middle age that I realize that there are many men and women who talk a mile a minute! It seems that they will not take a breathe and continue their monologue for hours upon hours. There is no consideration about someone else taking a part of the conversation as it is very one sided. Many of these people do not even require a nod or any type of acknowledgement to continue their one way dialogue.

I have noticed that in the beginning of a relationship, they seem unusually friendly, but soon after, I am trying to figure out ways to get away. Often the initial few attempts fail to break free and once I literally had to walk away physically and I tell you what that person kept talking to the next nearest person!

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There is something to be said for being a quiet individual. Being an only child of an only child, I tend to listen and analyze......... It's just me.....
Then me and my wife had Three children, oh my! :)


You made me laugh once again! I am quiet by nature and enjoy the company of others for periods of time, but really look forward to self reflection and time to myself. I guess I am lucky that I actually enjoy my own company. Then again, I have 3 kitties to spend time. Lucky for me, they simply accept and love me just as I long as I feed them often!


Kitties Love unconditionally 😻

Some people just talk a lot — which is fine — but some go overboard and lack the social awareness to notice that their monologues are just "bowling over" those near them. I sometimes watch this in action and can see how the "listener" keeps trying to back away... while the "talker" keeps taking steps forward. It gets a little too much, sometimes!



That is an excellent description and I guess there are people who talk too much and others who are quiet as a church mouse!

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It the nature of some people to talk, they can never be quite. While some are always quite.