The Complete Cinderella Story

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The Story of Sandrilla The story of Sandrilla is a global children's story. It is one of the most famous stories in children. It has been represented in many films and programs in languages, and some details in the story differ from story to novel. However, there are many similarities in the overall context of the story. Chapter 1: The suffering of Cinderella There was a gentleman living with his second wife who married her after the death of his first wife, and this wife - unlike the former - arrogant and cruel and bad creatures. Not only that, she had two daughters who resembled her in character and morality, and they took away her dullness and envy. This man had a daughter named Cinderella, a thin-skinned girl with beauty, self-worth and morals, who inherited those qualities from her deceased mother. [1] The marriage of the new man was not long before his wife began to show ill-treatment of Sindrella, And she did not stop this woman from harassing her in various forms. She left her with the most difficult work in the house, such as utensils and dishes, polishing furniture, making her wipe the ground, and arranging the bedding. Every morning. It did not stop at that, but made her sleep in [[Summing up Uncle Tom's Cabin] on a bed made of dirty straw. Cinderella's daughter-in-law's daughter-in-law lived in a luxurious family in elegant rooms with tiled floors, with large mirrors allowing her to see their full picture. [1] Her father's wife treated her two daughters gently, giving them all kinds of attention , And made them wear the most beautiful clothes, and fed them the most food, and in return, Cinderella was given only the clothes worn and worn by the use of the two girls, and did not allow them to acquire something but some scrap. Despite Cinderella's fatigue because of her continuous work throughout the day and into the evening, her father's wife would not let her sit down in front of the fire until late in the evening, when the fire was about to die, and the poor woman sat near the ashes, From the heat; the remnants of that fire were all that comforts the cold and tired Cinderella last night. [2] Cinderella suffered the poor all the harm that was received from the wife of her father and daughters, and never dared to tell her father what was cruel treatment in his home, He was sure he would rebuke her rather than help her, because he believed (1) Chapter Two: The Prince's Invitation One day an invitation from the King's Palace arrived at the house, saying that the prince (the son of the king) had prepared a big party, and called upon all the girls of the town to become mature and bring them the party. And the invitation that arrived at the house did not exclude anyone, that is, Cinderella was to go to the party that if her father's wife refused it, and forced Sinderella to decorate the dresses that she and her daughters will wear at the party, and made her to prepare and processing, and made her hair and hair of her daughters. [3] Cinderella even asked her father's wife if she could go to the prince's party. She knew very well that the response would be harsh, so she imagined the conversation with the cat who lived in the house. "Can I go with you to the party?" Then comes the wife of her father: "You beautiful girl will stay at home to wash dishes, and the survey of the earth, and the family to sleep for me and the beautiful girls who will return tired of the concert, and you will want to sleep immediately." [2] The wife and her two daughters went to the royal hall that the prince had prepared for the ceremony and left Cinderella at home behind them. Cinderella followed the carriage that her father's wife had with her two daughters with her eyes, and she would have liked to follow her with another car. But the cart was moving away from the house on the road leading to the palace. The farther the cart moved, the more tears flowed from Cinderella's eyes. , Who were the most willing to attend the ceremony, and that if her mother was alive she would not be at home cleaning the pots and wiping the floors, while the town girls at the Prince's handsome party. [1] Chapter III: The Spectrum and the Magic wand Not long in the stay Cinderella crying in front of the house, until I heard a voice Her club. At first Cinderella thought she was imagining, but once she looked at the source of the sound behind her, until she saw a beautiful and beautiful woman, this was the spectrum of Cinderella's mother. [4] The feeling of fear at Cinderella was stirred up when the following conversation took place: : What do you think, Tinkin O Cinderella? Cinderella: I have endured the injustice of my father's wife all this time, and she bore the cruelty of her two daughters. I was cleaning the house on my own every day and doing all kinds of hard work. Woman: And what else? Cinderella: I used to wear my father's wife and her two daughters, strip them with their hair, arrange their beds, prepare everything they needed, bring them food, and set them on fire. Woman: And what else? Cinderella: I used to bet on the best clothes, eat the best food, and get the best treatment, and I sleep on a poor bed of straw, and I wear only worn clothes used, and eat only the remnants of food. Woman: And what else? Cinderella (I have wiped her tears and reddened her cheeks of shyness): No ... something else. Woman: Yes, Cinderella, I came because I know how much you want to attend the Prince's ceremony, so you have to help me bring some things so I can take you to the party. Cinderella: Really? Where do I wear my dress? And dress shoes? And a car carrying me to the concert? Woman: You do not have to, from all this, I'll manage it. But I want you to prepare me the largest pump you find, and to prepare six small mice and one big. As well as I want

This story is transferred from the source to the source

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