Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps

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So much of what Trump is playing on is our Country's demonetization of the poor or those perceived as an expense line (Disabled) to the collective US economy. We worship the money, and those that don't have it, or are perceived as being an expense line for us are treated like third rate citizens. It is institutional, its not just demonizing.

it is straight up subjugating rights and opportunities within our communities based on net worth, cash flow and status. In the United States, your citizenship is worth what you are.


The entire administration is corrupt. All of them are involved in organizations and/or companies that influence their actions and decisions that are not in the best interest of the citizens of this country.

Many have known conflicts that should have disqualified them especially judges based on inexperience and bigotry toward groups of people. Trump and Pence should be impeached and Ryan and McConnell should be charged with treason and sent to prison.

The Republican Party has been passing legislation that works against the working class and has keep the general population down so they keep loosing more and more power every chance they have. They are voting for billionaires, who are their donors. The Tax Bill will in a few years result in big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, cuts in Social Security Benefits, shift of federal funding for education to vouchers for students to use to pay for parochial, private or public schools.

Safety net programs for the very poor or very elderly will be drastically cut or closed, EPA will be cut way back, Staff of Secretary oh State will be drastically cut. Community programs are expected to be ended.

Billions will be in the tax bill but billions are also being redirected to Defense, Military Build Up, Military Equipment Manufacturing and Homeland Security.

It sounds good until they start giving people on disability and families genetically modified boxes of food. Remember when they can control to a tee, what you eat, population control can kick in. I

t doesn't have to be Trump or Congress poisoning the people, the Elites can own the company in control of the contract over the food boxes. We have to consider all of these things before we make a decision on this.

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I hope he replaces food stamps whit real food.


I do mean organic food homegrown (local)

Good Post

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

They should replace foodstamps with Steem!