Psychological wounds are often more dangerous than physical wounds. "

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Very little son was very angry His father gave him a nail-filled bag and said that, as long as you get angry, one nail will be used to plant wood in our garden.

On the first day, the boy had to hit 37 nails in the garden. In the next few weeks, the boy could get his anger under control
The number of new nails in the wood has decreased gradually every day.

He realized that controlling his anger with hammers is easier than controlling wood nails, rather than hatching. Finally, the day when he did not have to kill a nail. He told this to his father. They said to their father, now that you can control your anger completely, take away one of the nails in those days.

For a long time, the boy once told his father that he was able to open all the nails. His father took him to the garden and showed him a wooden fence and said, 'You have done your job very well, now you can control your anger but see, the nail holes in every wood are still there. Wooden fences will never return to the previous state. When you say something to someone in anger, then he is in such a state of mind. So learn to control your anger.

"Psychological wounds are often more terrible than physical injuries."

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