A teacher is her student

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A teacher went to school with his students. When they came out, they found a family whose members were quarreling with each other. The teacher smiled smiling at his students and asked ...

"What do you think? Why are people screaming with each other when they get angry? "

The students thought quietly, then one of them replied, 'Because we lost our peace of mind and cried.'

The teacher asked, "But why do we scream? The one whom we show anger is in front of us, we can say calmly to him.

Many of the students answered, but none of them were satisfied with their own answers. At the end the teacher explained to them, "When two people become angry with one another, then the distance between their hearts increases. For this distance, they shout, so that they can understand each other.

The more anger they get, the greater the greater the distance, and then they quarrel more loudly. "The relation between the students was very open to the teacher, so he could well explain their point of view.

"What happens when two people love each other? They do not speak out loud to themselves, but they speak softly. Because their love brings the hearts of both of them closer. "

The teacher again said, "What happens when two people's love is deeper? Then they are each other
Speaking with them all can understand everything. And at one point they can understand everything by looking at themselves. "

He looked at his students and said, "When you argue with each other, quarrel, do not use any words that
The distance between the heart grows. If this continues to happen, maybe there will be a day when this distance will be so much that no other word will reach there, there will be no other way to return from there.

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