When is thunderstorm in Bangladesh

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imageThunderstorms are more in the afternoon?

According to Tawhida Rashid, the type of lightning is similar. There is tremendous temperature in the morning. And then it made a lot of water vapor. This water vapor is the main power of thunder storm and lightning. When the temperature increases, water vapor or similar energy will increase.

He said, "Increasing water vapor means increasing the density of the storm. Some scientists have proved that there is a possibility of 12 percent lightning storm increase due to a one-degree temperature increase yearly".

What is the way to avoid death?

Tauhida Rashid said that thunderbolt is a matter of nature and it will be. But there is a chance to reduce the loss of life.

"There are three steps in the thunderstorm, when the thunderstorm starts, the first lightning does not start flashing or the thunder does not start, and the sky is very dark, and the sky's condition is not very dark, it is like a little black cloud, and a little rain and lightning. Then people should be aware of ".

He said every disaster has a specific time and every person should be made aware of it.

"If you are outside, you will have to go to a safer place when the sky is black, at least half an hour is available during this time image

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