STORY / Tale Before Sleep - Bears And Bees

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Hello steemian, tonight I will tell a fairy tale before going to sleep. This tale is commonly told to children before bed. Let's start this short story.

Bears And Bees

Bears and bees tales - A bear roams the forest for fruits, finds fallen trees where on the tree is a hive where bees keep honey. The bear began sniffing carefully around the fallen tree to find out if the bees were in the nest. Just at that moment, a small band of bees flew home with lots of honey. The returning bees, knowing the Bear's intent and beginning to fly toward the Bear, stung him sharply and ran into a tree-hole.

The bear became very angry and immediately, jumped onto the fallen trunk and with his claws destroyed the beehive. But this only made all the swarm of bees in the nest, coming out and attacking the Bear. The unlucky bear finally ran away and could only save himself by diving into the river water.

So the lesson we can learn from these bears and bees tales is

It is wise to keep silent rather than add to the problem of emotional outbursts.

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