Story of James Joyce: The Boarding House

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Mrs. Muni is the daughter of Butcher. There is no way to understand the nature of his mind. The woman is very strong. In the Spring Gardens, a mother's shop was opened by the couple's marriage. But after the death of his father-in-law Muuni started to excite. Drinking alcohol, wasting cashboxes and lying in debt until the whole year. Swearing to drink alcohol with him would not have got any effect. The day after, whoever he is. In front of the customers, he had a quarrel with the bride and he had played the bargain of the shop selling bad meat for the shop. One night, the boy chased him with a machete that he was forced to spend the rest of his night in the next house.

From then on they began to stay separate. Mrs Muni seeks the permission of the siege from the priest, as well as the custody of the child's parents. Then she did not give her husband money or money and was not allowed to stay at home. Mr. Muuni was forced to write the name of the unemployed bank in the municipality. Hooked, short-haired this drunk man looks very scaly-sharp. A pair of white mustache in its pale look. The white eyebrows on the small red eyes are painted with a puffy shape. Sitting in the office of the municipality in the daytime is hoping for a job. With everything left of the meat business, the daisy-faced man opens a boarding house at Hardywick Street. Most of the guests of his mes-house are day tourists traveling from 'Liverpool' and 'Isle of Man'. Occasionally, the artists of the song group have come here. Mascara's tenants here clan everyone in the city. The woman ran her boarding house with great power. He knows very well when he believes that he can rent a house. It is also very good to know when to become soft and when it is difficult to hold it. The hired boys called him 'landlady auntie'.

Mrs Muni's tenants deposit fifteen shillings every week to eat. (If you want to drink after drinking it, then the account is different.) As the profession is of the same nature and the taste is very similar among themselves. Horses of race horses often get crowded. Landlord's son, Jack Muni, worked as a clerk in a contractor broker's office of 'Fleet Street'. He is not a person of a privilege, it is almost everyone knows. Often returned home by night. His special weakness in the sepia's tears of weakness If you meet with your friends, then this kind of talk is made up of his lips. There is always a little 'special nature' on some of the most spectacular things - such as the Raga Tagra horse or song singer. Like a masterpiece, as well as singing a joke. About every Sunday, after meeting in the house of Mrs. Munir, everyone gathered together. Artists of the song group also agree with everyone else. Sheridan music makes Waltz, Poleka and Vamp Turning music. The landlady's daughter Polly Munie took the song. She sings:
I'm a naughty girl,
Do not cheat
I know how, I know

Pet's age Rip-off Smooth golden hair Small, filling lips. A glaze of green in the eye gray gem. While talking, his monetary currency looked up and down again. For this reason, I think he should have a neutral version of Mother Mary. Initially, Mrs. Muni sent the girl to the typist's office on a typewriter. But a couple of days later, a barbarous unemployed elder went there and asked for permission to meet his daughter for a bar. That is why Mrs. Muni got her out of the job and used her for the house. Polly is pretty sunny, smart girl. So the purpose of Mrs. Muni is to use him as a bait for the tenant boys. To be honest, young men are very happy to see a young girl near the man's side. Pauli Muni was displaying her treacherous craft in full swing. But Mrs. Muni's hair is not like this. He knows very well that the nature of these boys and girls. They have been fortunate for two or four days, but the actual work hours. This is how it can be done for a while. Finally, when Mrs. Muni started thinking about sending her to the typist job again, the same thing happened on her glance. Some of the tenants in the boarding house with Paul are running. Although women are keeping an eye on them, they do not say anything.
Polly also knows about the mother's surveillance. After seeing everything, mother's silence means that she understands very easily. Mother's daughter is not directly involved in the work of the mother. Yet, when everyone in the house has started taking cognizance of the matter, then

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