'Story of a Roar House'

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After two decades, the filmmaker Alamgir returned to film His sixth film 'A movie story' is going to be released in 50 theaters across the country tomorrow. Earlier, on Wednesday, the film's participants were present in the Dhaka Club on the occasion of the release of the song.

The production of 'A movie story' producer Alamgir also starred in the film. Rune Laila, the legendary artist of the subcontinent, has tune in for the first time in a song in the film. Alamgir's daughter Ankhi Alamgir sang the song.

So in the evening on Wednesday evening, the story behind the movie was raised in their speech. Runa Laila jokingly said, "I have not seen Alamgir's look for the movie for the last 6-7 months. So his next film will be the story of 'Ek Roenar Ghar'. "

Photo: Nayan Kumar

The filmmaker Alamgir said, "When Runa Laila consulted while doing the film, she asked why she managed again at this age?
I said that I want to manage my emotions, love, responsibility and duties towards the movie again. Runa Laila did not utter the word. "

The story of 'Roerna Ghar' is not the end here, when Rana Laila responded when Alamgir requested Runa for the song, it was also known that in the evening 'Story of a movie' evening.

Photo: Nayan Kumar

Runa Laila said in her speech, "Alamgir told me to give voice, but I told him to give opportunity. If we do not give an opportunity, how will they get up? But most of the new singers have sung this movie. "
In the speech of Akhi Alamgir, the story behind Runa Laila's first synergy was found in the song. Roaner was accused of not being able to sing classical genres because of staging anecdote.

Ankhi's anticipation, "You do not tune a song like this for me".

Photo: Nayan Kumar

When the tune came to Akhi, he cried crying. It was used as a song in the film 'A movie story'.
Ankhi joked, "Dad snatched my song."

The song did not have any less distraction to sing. He took the training of Runa Laila by stopping a month-long stage show.

Highly appreciated about the film, President of the Board of Directors and censor member Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar.

Photo: Nayan Kumar

He said, "We always say that the story of a good story is not. But as a member of the censor board, the few movies I saw in the last few months have been the best. This is a good story and a touching viewer's heart.
If you do not get the proof of my statement then I will not say that kind of thing. "

Photo: Nayan Kumar

Regarding the role of the film, Arifin Shuvo said, "Acting in this film is a great achievement in my life, awards. We have learned a lot with working with the humble people. "
Actor Hassan Imam, actor Faruque, filmmaker Zayed Khan, producer Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, actress Champa, producer Khorshed Alam Khasru, lyricist Kabir Bakul, music director Shawkat Ali Imon, Jhilik and Managing Director of Bangaldhole Enamul Haque were present on the occasion. Mohammad Hossain Jamie was responsible for the execution.

Photo: Nayan Kumar

There are five songs in the movie 'Story of a movie'. Songs written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar, Moniruzzaman Monir and Kabir Kabul. Runa Laila, Shawkat Ali Emon and Emon Saha The voices are given by Monir Khan, Bappa Majumder, Aditi Mohsin, Kanal, Jhilik and Akhi Alamgir.
BanglaFlox, RobiCrine, Airtel Screen, and Telefilos, along with the YouTube channel of BanglaUdol can be found in the photo songs, teasers and all other content.

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