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Deceptive Deeds Reveal The Hidden Hands Behind Ruling Thrones

The sorcerers institutionalized their illusions.
They have the ancient scrolls of creation language.
They cast word spells.
They herd the young into indoctrination centres.
They are masters of deception.
They enslaved the world.
And they vowed to never stop.
Is this the vision told in stories about an eternal hell with cycles of suffering, torture, and servitude?

Mass Awakening vs Mass Deception

The sorcerers' illusions are revealed.
Violently awakens the mighty dragon from its slumber.
Unsheathe the fiery sword of Truth.
The battlefields are ablaze with defiant freedom-calls.

What's next?
Call forth the Giants, Warriors, Men and Women of Great Renown.
Break the spells and the spellcasters if they do not flee.
Their corporate shields are made of paper and mathematical constructs.
Their false beliefs and false teachings are shattered.

Prepare now, for a different Age comes...


Welcome to the new Age!


@frankbacon Indeed they are desperate as their mass deception is shattered by Truth.