Togetherness coffee with friends

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Coffee shops do not have to be fancy, but it certainly should be fun and make visitors feel at home.

In Aceh itself there are many coffee shops that grow one after another. Coffee Black castle began to enliven the city with their respective advantages and characterized by its unique. One of the unique and characteristic coffee shops is D 'Royal Coffee. The coffee shop that recently celebrated its first birthday is one of my favorite coffee spots. In addition to its cool place and the enjoyment of coffee collect, the location of this coffee shop is also not far from home. One of the factors that made me stop by so many times.
Can not imagine the pleasure of this one coffee. The name of coffee is not complete if not accompanied by a snack. When searching the snacks menu I found a new menu that is Mini Me Burger. Cobain ah, hehe !.

For me, D 'Royal Coffee is a great choice of coffee places. The atmosphere of the morning and the afternoon is the best times to enjoy a cup of coffee alone or hanging out with friends. While I coffee with my friends. I started taking photos and my friends started to follow me to take photos.
Why should I take a photo? That is to be the most beautiful moments of my time together with my friends or to be memorable.

So my story about the togetherness of coffee with my friends, hopefully people who read my story love it, Thank you.

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What an amazing experience to have. Lucky you!

Thank you friend

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thank you friend,@birrullibmc

You are welcome