Dangers of smoking

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Good evening friends steemit, my name is rizki46, I want to tell you about the dangers of smoking.

Cigarettes are rolls or rolls of tobacco that are rolled / wrapped in paper. Usually sucked someone after burned ends. Cigarettes are a hazardous chemical plant. Only by burning and sucking a cigarette alone can accumulate in the body and can cause cancer.
Because, diseases caused by cigarettes will not be felt directly, but later, at an unexpected time. Worse, the bad effects of smoking will not only be felt by the active smokers alone, including those who are classified as passive smokers.
If you are a smoker, think about the impact, not just for yourself, but the family and the people around. So, does smoking give you 'comfort'? Of course not, this temporary comfort only brings disaster to you and those around you. So from now on stop smoking cigarettes, Because with we do not smoke cigarettes, our lives become healthy and save money in daily expenses.
Because if it is addicted in smoking we certainly hard to stop.Walaupun in a state of illness, we keep smoking, Because it is addicted to smoking.

I was a smoker too, after I got sick because of smoking, so I thought to stop smoking. I used to smoke ESSE cigarettes Made in Korea. This ESSE cigarette has very little nicotine compared to Made in Indonesia. So I chose to smoke ESSE Madein korea. Although I choose a Korean ESSE cigarette, I still experience pain when sucking it. So now I choose to stop smoking cigarettes.

My advice for a smoker you should stop smoking, Because smoking can cause cancer and others. Thanks.

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