Chapter 1 of the Book - The Party

in story •  last year

It was a peaceful purple evening in the city of Surat. The birds were chirping and flying through the sky which made the evening even more beautiful. The sun was quietly setting without letting anyone know and the moon was about to take the front seat for the next few hours.

Parth messaged his best friend Rohan about the plans of going to a freshers' party thrown by the seniors of Nanalal Lankeshbhai Dave University shortly called as Nalanda University.

Rohan saw the message,"Hey bro, cming 2 d party?" from Parth and replied, "Nope. I m in d middle of wching a dcumntry on world wars."

Parth -  Cmon bro, i knw u r a geek bt dis is the only frshrs prty we r goin 2 hav.

Rohan - No prblm man! I really dnt want to come.

Parth gets pissed off by the geeky attitude of Rohan and dials his phone. Rohan seeing the call coming from Parth gets a little bit annoyed but nevertheless diverts his eye

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