See What I See: The Third Day Of Island Life

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The island doesn’t have a name. It was created over a 100 years ago.

It was considered redundant silt and left in a pile when the river was dredged to put the lock system in. Now it’s rugged wilderness, with a dozen full grown trees laying claim to it, grasses and brush.

The lock system was used before industrialization and gas powered vehicles to transport lumber for import (internally within the country) and for export to other countries.

It’s just how we moved trees around, once they were cut.

The island is crown land....meaning still owned by the corporate entities that claim management on behalf of the Queen of England.

The plot continues...technically the Queen of England could now lay claim to this deer...and there are rules.

(In Canada, we have rules. Lolz!)

Lots of them specifically addressing when deer can be hunted and with what weapon at specific months of the year, varying by geographical region or territory.

There’s more than one permit involved.


It’s (day 3) on the island for the deer.

It’s weight bearing on all four legs and eating, but I can see limping...and suspect tissue damage from the chase and swim.

(Posted to YouTube by Jeff Bacon on September 23, 2016.)

~ Rebecca

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