The cost of living in Vietnam | food

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The cost of living in Vietnam


Hey guys! Some of you might already noticed but I moved to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam about an month and a half :) I have researched about the cost information before I moved here, some of them were similar some of them were different. So I want to talk about the real cost of living in Vietnam.

The cheapest cost of living in Vietnam to me, is food. I mean I can be even cheaper if I going to the local market, but first of all, I can't speak Vietnamese yet, and second of all I heard it's hard to get to local price as a foreigner. So I just go to these supermarket you can find easily anywhere in Ho Chi Minh.


I bought lots of fruits, veggies, shrimp, sauces etc at the Big C the other day, and I couldn't even carry it alone but it was only $30. If I bought same amount of things in Korea, I bet it would cost about $200. The vegetables and the fruits are super cheap compare to Korea. I bought 10 lemons the other day and it was $1, in Korea it's at least $6-7, $10 if it's not on season. So it's almost 10 times cheaper here. As a lemon lover it's fantastic.




You can also get an avocados with $0.50. Mango, watermelon, apple, banana, melon etc. for most of fruits is under $2 for 1kg. Veggies? even cheaper. It's like paradise for vegetarian here.

I can get almost all the Korean ingredients in Vietnam(thankfully) and the price is almost same in Korea or maybe even cheaper.

Only things I don't want to buy a lot here is the meat and fish. Pork and beef and chicken quality is lower than Korea, it looks hmmm how can I say? wild? As soon as I saw the meats at the super market I wanted to be a vegan.... haha. The price is cheap... but price is not the problem... I just want to eat lots of veggies and fruits for awhile haha.

Imported stuffs are pretty expensive here. Just like western snacks or wine, whisky etc. But those are not really healty stuff so I prefer to buy healthier ingredients with cheaper price :)

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wow you moved to Vietnam? How? Haha i want to move there too.

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Come come! 🤗

Damn, that mango looks SO good! We would pay anything from £1-3 for a single mango here in the UK.

I need to move somewhere tropical before I eat myself bankrupt.

Oh wow it's more expensive in Korea! £7-8 sometimes crazy!! Eat fresh fruits and enjoy the sun everyday is one of the amazing things living in tropical country :)

I also really like Ho Chi Minh. It's truly vegan heaven!