Have you ever experience brake up?

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I want to here your story and how it made you feel? Did you hate it or did you like it? I have brake up few times. Atm I have awesome soulmate and super excited and grateful for that. That wasn't always the case. I had long teen age "relationship" if you will. I started seeing this girl when I was 15 and we were a couple for over 5 years. I excperienced all the super awkward stuff with here like first time I had sex and lost virginity which was very awkward and not enjoyful. I was one horny motherfucker back then and I all I wanted to do is get that pussy man. Anyhow she was very pretty girl and had rich parents and stuff so her father was smart and didn't let me to be with here alone if you know what I mean and I am very grateful about that because it would suck to be father at 15 years old. I learned a lot with the relationship. The most important thing I learned is that know what you want and never just stop doing and living your dream. Let me explain. I was very passionate musician because I was motivated by the pussy. Then I got the pussy and I got lazy. I would rather jerk off to porn and do nothing useful than write a song or do something constructive. Yeah I had problem with porn but that's an other story. My point is never let the pussy blind you. Bitches ain't shit but hoe's and tricks. So I got lazy she lost interest and walked away from me. I let her go. She came back after I forgot about her which was very painful process. It felt like sawing a hand or a part of life. We had fun and passionate summer romance the spark ignite the fire again then we broke up for good. I then decided not to get into the relationship and I was happy to be single. Loved the freedom. Well universe works really funny because shortly after that I me my soulmate. She is so exceptional. She has brains and beauty which is very rare combination and her soul is so pure and full of love. I really love her. Although now I learned not to get attached to anything and that way I enjoy life more fully. I am very grateful for her. Thank you for reading steemians!

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