The popular Cloth

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The cloth, as they say the inhabitants of the town of El hatillo
located in the state Anzoategui Venezuela, is a kind of fence in the water placed in the mouth (so it is said to the union of the lagoon with the sea) as a barrier, its function is very important, the task of this barrier is that small fish or fry, as well as shrimp larvae, enter the lagoon, with the help of the current that enters from the sea to the lagoon, this current they call colloquially tide, and this The network serves to prevent large fish, which are already developed, from escaping into the sea when the current is advancing, contrary to this current, it is called a drainpipe ...

Photo property of: Venezuela en fotos

Photo: Rafael Yaguaracuto

This place is very crowded by fishermen who literally make life in this place, since they spend most of the day here fishing, and guarding the site so that other fishermen do not take it, they always fight to get the best place where spend the most fish

Photo property of: Venezuela en fotos

Photo property of: Venezuela en fotos

After nightfall, this place becomes a true spectacle of lights, as fishermen light their torches, made with empty pots of paint and a large cotton wick, this is called "mechuzo" ​​... the fishermen in the night they make jokes and tell their experiences, loudly, the laughter and laughter make the day more fun, and so the hours go until dawn

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